There's [[Funny/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum humor]], there's [[NightmareFuel/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum horror]], there's [[Awesome/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum holy cow]], but many overlook the heartwarming in the PPC.

* The ending of Cadmar, Maria, Mark and Miah's mission to Dragon Lady. After Cadmar is [[DemonicPossession possessed]], [[GenderBender forcibly transfigured]], and [[NightmareFuel subjected to the Sue's traumatic backstory]] over the course of their mission, the [[BadBoss Sunflower Official]] orders that the transformation remain as punishment for Cadmar's [[WeCouldHaveAvoidedAllThis poor equipment maintenance.]] However, Miah informs the SO of the horrible consequences of leaving the scars: lowered combat ability and [[MindRape traumatic flashbacks.]] [[EvenEvilHasStandards Not even the Flowers are that cruel.]] The SO agreed to remove the scars.
* The dénouement to the ''Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}}'' mission, when the canonicals' memories of the horror are completely gone and their true personalities have resurfaced. Pinkie in particular is back to her old self, and when Rainbow Dash can't walk she helps her home on a trolley, saying "What are friends for?"