* Seeing Professor Layton and Maya [[spoiler:reunite with Luke and Phoenix, after their apparent deaths]].
--> '''Luke:''' ''[with tears in his eyes]'' [[spoiler:I'd thought I'd never see you again...]]\\
'''Maya:''' YOOOOOOO NICK!
* When Layton and Luke discuss [[spoiler: Espella's relationship with her father]], Layton realizes that this subject matter must weigh heavily on Luke, and tells Luke that if ever he wants to say something to the Professor, he is totally free to do so:
-->'''Professor''': I'm always ready to listen, Luke.
* The LikeBrotherAndSister relationship between Luke and Maya is very sweet indeed, especially since it's almost immediate. They get on like a cauldron on fire, and converse like they've known each other forever. Just watch them solve a puzzle together.
* Usually all trials in Labyrinthia end with someone being thrown into the fire. When you win the last one, though, you get the traditional "Not Guilty" message [[spoiler:because nobody around is or ever was a witch, and for the first time, you also see the traditional confetti fall... except it's actually flower petals welcoming the new history of the city]].
* In [[spoiler:Edgeworth's]] cameo, he notes that he's missed hearing Phoenix's "spell" (his trademark "Objection!) while Nick was away in England. Of course, he admits this after insulting Phoenix for the best part of the scene.