!! Book:
* Elizabeth insisting on walking the three miles to Netherfield to take care of Jane. She has no time for the petty games that Bingley's sisters try to play and soon finds that the ''only'' tolerable person there is Mr. Bingley (Darcy still being in jerk mode at this point), but she puts up with it because she only cares about helping her sister get better.
* All of the times when Darcy cuts down Caroline for belittling Elizabeth.
* Georgiana Darcy's eagerness to meet Elizabeth, because her brother has been talking of Elizabeth in such glowing terms.
* Bingley proposes to Jane at last; Jane gushes to Lizzy that she doesn't know how one person could possible contain so much happiness.

!! 1995 miniseries:
* All of Darcy's interactions with Georgiana. He's considerate of her shyness, but also encourages her gently to be more social and speak to Elizabeth herself. Every scene they share makes it clear how much they love and care for each other.
* Darcy ready to spring to Georgiana's aid when Caroline obliviously drops Wickham's name in yet another dig at Lizzie. Lizzie herself tactfully intervenes to help her shy new friend; she and Darcy share a look of sympathetic understanding.
* The scene at the end of the 1995 miniseries where Elizabeth explains to her father why she's marrying Mr. Darcy. When she's finished, he says "If that's the case, then he deserves you. And I could not have parted with you for anyone else."
* Also in the BBC version, when Darcy is dealing with Wickham in the flashback (following the latter's attempted seduction of Georgiana) we see Georgiana waiting anxiously outside the room, then Wickham departs and Darcy sternly orders her in...and tenderly embraces her.
* "Dearest, loveliest Elizabeth."