These are moments in the webcomic ''[[Webcomic/{{Prequel}} Prequel]]'' that are guaranteed to give people a [[{{WAFF}} warm and fuzzy feeling]].
* After [[spoiler: screwing up her courier job badly and having a drunken one-night-stand in Quill-Weave's bed (again)]], Quill-Weave admits that she's disappointed in Katia, but doesn't think she's worthless, holding up the book Katia wrote in while inebriated, pointing out that Katia has aspirations and dreams.
---> '''Book's writing, in a childish scribble''': "Katia is the best wizard and has all the magics. Everyone looks up to her & she never has to be a sad whore."

* Two hours later, when the two have made up, Katia asks Quill-Weave if they could hug- then thinks better of it, getting nervous and trying to back out of it.
---> '''Quill-Weave''': Oh my fucking hell. You can't chicken out of a fucking hug. No. [[Webcomic/{{SweetBroAndHellaJeff}} We are -doing- this. We are making this happen.]]
---> '''Narration''': [[ It turns out hugs are the best thing ever.]] You cling for way too long and eventually Quill-Weave just has to awkwardly pry you off.

* The entirety of Extrapolate. Aggy refuses to leave Katia to her misery, and [[ThePollyanna helpfully provides the most optimistic possible interpretation]] of her failings.
** The best part? Katia is showing considerable progress within one evening.