[[folder: General ]]

* Many a time a puppy finds a home with their perfect person can be a Heartwarming Moment. Especially when they concern [[TheWoobie cases]] like [[TheJinx Taboo]] and [[PottyFailure Puddles]].


[[folder: Rebound ]]

* Niblet going through all that to save his little sister from being eaten, especially after breaking her spirits. It turns out Rebound's new owner was making dinner. But Rebound was touched that Niblet cared so much to help her.
* The episode is also one concerning her new owner, [=McLeish=]'s {{Jerkass}} mother Agatha who hates dogs more than he does and even threatens to make them into food if they cross her. When she comes across Rebound though, her attitude towards dogs changes completely due to Rebound's hyperactivity making her feel young again.


[[folder: The General ]]

* The entire episode, really, since it's a BeYourself Aesop about Cookie.


[[folder: Mutternal Instincts ]]

* The entire episode is a string of these, starting with how Cookie bonds with Cupcake, a pup who takes a shine to her and even refers to her as "Cookie Mama". Despite the problems that Cupcake causes, Cookie nevertheless stands by her, even at the risk of jeopardizing her position as a Pound Puppy. But in the end, it seems Cupcake has to be shipped off to another Shelter for adoption, which Cookie doesn't want but nevertheless, she's thinking about Cupcake's future. [[spoiler:However, Cookie's family adopts Cupcake, since they felt bad about not spending enough time with her throughout the episode. To top it off, the ending shot shows Cookie and Cupcake resting together.]]


[[folder: Good Dog, [=Mc Leish=]! ]]

* Due to Niblet's slipup during Strudel's attempt to hypnotize [=McLeish=] into signing off a transport vehicle for the pup de jour Piper, [=McLeish=] is [[DelusionsOfDoghood led to thinking he's a dog]]. In a somewhat awkwardly adorable way, Dog![=McLeish=] starts to bond with Piper, who assures him that he might "find his perfect person too". Because [=McLeish=] still retains some memories of his previous work in Milwaukee (where Piper needs to go), the Pound Puppies take him along, disguised in a patchwork dogsuit. He further bonds with Piper on the truck heading there and gleefully notes how he's thankful that he has Piper and the other dogs as friends. When the plan to get Piper to her perfect person goes awry due to people (understandably) freaking out at the sight of a middle-aged human dressed as a dog, Piper nevertheless wants to help [=McLeish=] because he's her friend. [[spoiler:[=McLeish=] returns the favor when he saves Piper from a local dog catcher trying to keep her from her perfect person. [[StatusQuoIsGod Although [=McLeish=] snaps out of it and returns to his usual dog-hating self at the end of the episode]], it was nevertheless heartwarming to see him bond with the dogs.]]
** [[spoiler:To make it even more heartwarming, Lucky makes Dog![=McLeish=] a Pound Puppy and gives him a PP tag. Even if he won't remember it, the gesture is still pretty sweet.]]


[[folder: I Heard The Barks On Christmas Eve ]]

* [=McLeish=], the self-proclaimed dog-hater, finds Ralph under his Christmas tree. What does he do first? He hugs him.
* Ralph had long given up believing he would ever be adopted and just mopes around. After failing to find his perfect person several times, Rebound rounds up various dogs that had appeared in prior episodes to show him that it is possible to form an unquestionable bond with a person. Hearing them talk about how much they love their owners makes Ralph a believer.


[[folder: When Niblet Met Giblet ]]

* Niblet and Giblet together, and Niblet's pursuit of her once she's adopted by a sheep farmer. [[spoiler:Although they do not remain together. Status Quo, you heartless fiend.]]
* [[spoiler:Although interrupted by Niblet, Lucky comes very close to confessing his feelings to Cookie. Even if he doesn't get to "I love you", she's noticeably touched when he places his paw on hers and admits there's something he needs to tell her.]]
** [[spoiler:There's also earlier in the episode when Lucky saves Cookie from drowning and angrily chastises her for endangering herself. Particularly when he asks "Do you know how much you mean to me?"]]


[[folder: Hello Kitten ]]

* The fact that the Super Secret Pup Club were perfectly willing to bring Spoons the kitten to her perfect person despite the mutual FantasticRacism of the adult dogs and cats and their attempts to dissuade the pups. To put it plainly, they didn't care that she's a cat, just that she wants a loving home.
** There's also Spoons' revelation that she was once good friends with a puppy named Bumper, who helped her when she was lost in an alley.
** [[spoiler:With the SSPC's efforts, Ace (and by extension, the Kennel Kittens) sees that not all dogs are untrustworthy and allows Spoons to be with her perfect person. Even better, Spoons' perfect person adopted Bumper as well.]]


[[folder: No More S'mores ]]

* [[ShrinkingViolet Millard]] spends most of the episode being deathly afraid of people and anything that could potentially go wrong. In particular, he bonds with Strudel, who he refers to "Aunty Strudel". The Pound Puppies devise a plot involving a "swamp monster" that Millard will defend his perfect person from to get her attention. It doesn't go according to plan when Millard sees right through [[PaperThinDisguise the guise]] (namely how Strudel is visibly piloting in the "mouth") and the campers turn on the "swamp monster". [[spoiler:Nevertheless, Millard immediately rushes to the rescue when he sees "Aunty Strudel" is in a lot of trouble.]] Also counts as a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome.


[[folder: Lucky Has to Move ]]

* The first scene in the episode is seeing Lucky's morning routine with Dot, which is really sweet when you remember how he was when he first became her dog.