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* The letter that is attached to the player's Running Shoes in the remakes:
--> "Dear [[HelloInsertNameHere (name)]], Here is a pair of Running Shoes for my beloved challenger. Remember, I'll always cheer for you! Don't ever give up! From Mom."
* Mr. Fuji thanking you for saving him, and revealing that he went to the tower to pray for Marowak's spirit.
** Finally putting Marowak's spirit to rest.
* When you defeat Blue and you end up walking to the final room and your Pokemon are listed in the Hall of Fame.
* In Yellow, when you arrive at the Pokémon club in Vermillion City, Pikachu immediately rushes to a Clefairy and by all accounts, seems to be in love with it.
** Pikachu starting off as a grumpy starter and progressively liking you more and more throughout the game until you both are truly the best of partners and friends.