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* Thor is clearly doing fine fighting Korg and his brothers on his own in Korg's flashback, but Beta Ray Bill appears and helps him anyway.
* Miek, his idolizing Hulk and calling the big guy their savior was very cute.
--> '''Miek''': Hulk is savior.
** When Hulk is [[spoiler: infected with the spikes (which seem to have no cure)]] Miek wishes to try and help him anyway.
--> '''Miek''': Hulk needs us!
* Miek being reluctant to fight in the arena, but then discovering he actually has fans cheering him on.
* Beta Ray Bill offers to take Hulk back to Earth. Hulk refuses because his new friends, the Warbound, need him more.
--> '''Beta Ra Bill''': Hulk! We are no longer anchored to this world. I can take you home.
** It's even more touching in the comics; when the Surfer offers to take his old team mate home, Hulk reminisces about the first time they met; he had mistaken the Surfer for a spaceship, and had wanted him to take him far away from Earth. Surfer offers to make good on that hope here and now, but Hulk says he doesn't understand;
--> '''Hulk:''' "I'm already ''there''."
* Beta Ray Bill in general, true he's no Surfer, but he's still a decent guy.
--> '''Beta Ra Bill''': No more slaves, just free people, tied only by the bonds they have chosen! Claim your freedom!