* Sabriel's father giving her a last embrace at the threshold between life and death, as he apologises for being an absent father and tells her how proud he is.
* The spirits of past Abhorsens bringing Sabriel back to life at the end of the first book, with one last spirit giving her a gentle and reassuring nudge in the lower back, implied to be her father. Touchstone's shocked reaction when she comes back while he's been weeping over her body is touching too.
* The Disreputable Dog [[spoiler:sends Nick back to Life]].
-->'''[[spoiler:Nick]]''': Wait -- is this allowed?\\
'''Disreputable Dog''': ''({{Beat}})'' No. But then, I am the ''Dis''reputable Dog.
* Mogget giving his reason why he's helping humanity beat Orannis [[spoiler: now he's been released as Yrael, the eighth Bright Shiner]]
-->'''Mogget [[spoiler: /Yrael]]''': “Life... fish and fowl, warm sun and shady trees, the field mice in the wheat, under the cool light of the moon.”
* Sameth giving Mogget some fish before the face while they're on their way to face the Destroyer, because he made a promise. Even Mogget's surprised at the act, considering it some sort of trick.