!!!Main series:
* "Doc... nobody's dragging us."
* "...don't forget... It's just a title, Ruby."
* Juliet dies shortly after being caught, much to Sawyer's dismay. As a result, he refuses to be used in the next gym. Ruby states he wasn't going to use him anyway, as it was the electric gym. After he loses his pokemon but ultimately wins the gym, he finds [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/pokemonhardmode.php?p=22 Sawyer eagerly awaiting him outside.]] Their faces are too much.
* [[spoiler:Meowth:]] [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/pokemonhardmode.php?p=27 "If 'it' ended... What are we doing right now? You didn't screw up, master... You believed in me."]]
* [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/pokemonhardmode.php?p=32 Ruby's speech during his fight with Zapdos.]]
-->'''Ruby''': You're strong, but you're alone. We're a team. We look out for each other. And though alone we might fall, together we're invincible.
-->'''Sawyer''': [[MomentKiller Can we just get this over with?]]
* [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/pokemonhardmode.php?p=57 Oshawott's reaction to getting picked is so sweet, even if the feeling isn't mutual for Ruby.]]
* [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/pokemonhardmode.php?p=48 "No matter what's happened... I still believe... it happened for a reason."]]
* From the epilogue, Giovanni deciding to [[spoiler: turn himself in, after seeing a picture of Ruby and his Sceptile.]]
* Despite his reluctant pick, Ruby picking Oshawott in Unova. Just look at the little otter's face!
* Ruby makes it clear that he didn't want Luke on his team and that he's only keeping him on his team until he found a better Pokémon to replace him with. By the time they reach the first gym, Ruby warmed up to Oshawott and considers him an invaluable addition to the party.
** Ruby warming up to certain Pokémon seems to be a recurring theme in the series. It started with Wishmur, then Spheal, all Pokémon that were in the box by the time of the Fire Red finale and Luke.

!!!Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventures:
* [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/181.png FREDDY!!!]]
* [[http://www.nuzlocke.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/fred28.png All the friends you've ever lost must be at peace.]]

!!!Landwalker's Nuzlocke:
* Regardless of how it ended, Rikishi [[spoiler:popping out of his Pokeball of his own free will to take a lethal Hyper Beam for Ninio]] is definitely a qualifier here.

!!!Sanguine Sapphire:
* Roxanne visiting May after their battle resulted in [[spoiler: Marie and Claire's deaths]], and the exchange between them that helps May come to terms with what happened. Given how gym leaders who [[spoiler: kill somebody's starter]] [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation are generally depicted]], the compassion and caring she shows is really refreshing to see, as is May [[spoiler: admitting her own arrogance played a role]].

!!!Sparradile's Nuzlocke Challenge:
* Pepsi, [[http://fav.me/d3azp2a after being raised into a Nidoking]], finally has to admit to Chan that [[spoiler: he's not poisonous]]. Chan replies that he's never been anything but helpful to the party, and all this means is that she can [[spoiler: hug him without risk of being poisoned by his spikes]].

!!!Paratroop's Nuzlocke Challenge:
* Paratroop writes a postcard to their mother, who has difficulty with going outside, and mentions a gift they left for her in the garden. [[spoiler: the gift is a picture of Para and their parents at a picnic signed, "Remember us being outside, I missed that-P"]]

!!!Kynim's Nuzlocke Runs:
* YMMV, but Fantina's "shape up" lecture to Kynim after the latter's pyrrhic victory at Hearthome Gym, along with [[spoiler: providing a doll to [[DueToTheDead symbolically bury Tyrus]]]], was quite touching in a tough-love kind of way.
* In White version, [[spoiler: Elesa taking Bianca to talk to Social Services about her father's abusive behavior.]]
* Jordan and Mimi's blossoming romance can almost always lead to a big case of d'aww.
** [[spoiler: [[TearJerker Which only made Jordan's death more of an impact]].]]
*** [[spoiler: and then making Mimi's death hurt slightly less, as she's reunited with him]].
*** [[spoiler: Which also makes Andy's death hurt less, as he's reunited with her and finally gets to meet Jordan]].
* In White version, Nina taking in her Yamask Boo.
* In a recent extra comic, Roark gets a gift from Nina: [[spoiler: a cover fossil which he revives into a Tirtouga]].
* In Mistralton, Cheren and Leif the Serperior help Nina and Zach the Samurott respectively cope [[spoiler: with the loss of Jordan]].
* [[spoiler: Mimi adopting Andy, the replacement Pokemon for Jordan.]]
* [[https://ky-nim.deviantart.com/art/Nuzlocke-White-Epilogue-721815910 The epilogue]].

* Challenges that end up in [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue the Pokemon Tower at Lavender Town]], [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver the House of Memories]], [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Mt. Pyre]], [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl the Lost Tower]], or [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite the Celestial Tower]] almost always have scenes that involve reuniting with the ghosts of previous party members due to each of the places serving the function of being a graveyard. ManlyTears ensue.
** VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon gives us two locations of the sort, both from the first two islands: Hau'oli Cemetery and Memorial Hill.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpVMF4WAf4U&feature=related This moment.]] CMOH, CrowningMomentOfAwesome, and TearJerker all coming together at once.