* Most of ''Deep In My Heart Is A Song'' is flashbacks to Michael's life with his wife and daughter and an incident when he had a major health scare that turned out to be a fluke. The entire episode is really a CMOH, especially when Theo puts his career on the line in the present day to save Michael.
* In ''Boy Wonder'', a mentally disabled boy named Jimmy witnesses Michael using his powers and is convinced he's a superhero. Theo debunks his theories and Jimmy is profoundly crushed. But when they realize that Jimmy is the only witness who can help them find missile dealers, Michael goes back to talk to him and restores his faith:
-->'''Jimmy:''' ''(hugging himself and crying)'' There are no superheroes. Deep down inside, we all know that there are no superheroes. So, get away from me and get away from my door!\\
''(There's a crunching sound and Jimmy turns to see that Michael has punched a fist through his door. Jimmy grins widely and starts laughing in delight.)''
** And their last conversation at the end of the episode:
--->'''Jimmy:''' Hey, you remember you were talking about your girlfriend and how you don't see her anymore? That's the way it has to be. You're a Superman. Superman doesn't get Lois Lane.\\
'''Michael:''' Oh, yeah? What does Superman get?\\
'''Jimmy:''' He gets... to be Superman.