* Ystos showing up to help Sparadrap's new avatar level up after Omega Zell, only member of the Noob guild available to do it at the time, refuses to do it and tells him in a way that almost made him cry.

* Golgotha moving in with Gaea in real life after she gets kicked out of ''Horizon'' in Season 2. Arthéon was still Master Zen's prisonner at the time, and another real-life kidnapping felt possible, so the event also came with a "good, Gaea is safe" vibe.

* Subverted by Gaea when Roxana [[spoiler: kills off Sparadrap's pets]] :
-->'''Gaea:''' You monsters! There was a fortune's worth in that bag! I was planning to steal them and sell them off at the auction house! You're going to pay for that!

* [[spoiler:Fantöm]] asking for a group shot with the Noob guild members before leaving the guild.

* Thomas/Ystos and Kevin/Sparadrap's madcap IRL celebration when the latter reaches Level 100.
-->'''Kevin''': Did all that really happen?\\
'''Thomas''': What happens in the Lepape House stays in the Lepape House.

* At the end of the Dungeon of Chaos arc, [[spoiler:Saphir mentioning that there are other assassins besides Omega Zell among the unseen members of the Justice guild... then giving him the katanas that just dropped from the boss because she considers he deserves them]].

* Season 4 finale :
-->'''Omega Zell:''' All that's left for me to do is quit online games for good...
-->[[spoiler:'''Fantöm''']]''':''' I think that would be a waste.

* A [[FridgeLogic Fridge]] one : Omega Zell is probably far from being Fantöm's only fan. The Empire lost three quarters of its players when it got in trouble in Season 3 according to the novel equivalent to that part of the story. Some of these people were probably former Fantöm fans. So even if Ivy tagged Omega Zell as superficial for [[spoiler:dropping the fanboy attitude around Elementalist!Fantöm]] both in the webseries and novels, he remains less superficial than some of the fans that Fantöm had in his prime just by ''not'' leaving the Empire over what happened.

* According to one of the books, Omega Zell got on Ystos's bad side from [[spoiler:insulting his older brother]]. That makes the fact that they seem to be getting somewhat friendly starting late Season 4 quite sweet.

* [[spoiler:Arthéon's]] parting words to Sparadrap after [[spoiler:he defeats him]] in the Season 5 prologue:
-->"For the time being you're still a disappointment, Sparadrap. But you've shown me a chance that one day... I might change my mind."

* Ivy and Couette refusing to run away from Roxana when Sparadrap asks them to do so, showing that [[spoiler:the New Noob guild is much more close-knit than its predecessor]] in the process.

* Précieux never losing the slightest of faith in Dark Avenger and always believing in him, even when he's continuously humiliated by Sparadrap [[spoiler: and kicked out of the Player Killer guild. He even stays loyal to him after he quits the game and promises to save his honor]] by proving Sparadrap is a fake noob.

* The story of how they got financed is a meta one in itself : on May 4th, 2013, Fabien Forunier started a 70 day crowdfunding campaign and hoping to get 35 000 euros. The sum was reached within the 15 first hours. Before the end of the first month, that had been multiplied by 10. The campaign ended with more than 1900 % of the initial demand pledged to the movie. The project is now a trilogy that may get dubbed in English.
** Current status is two movies realeased, both with optinal English subtitles.