[[folder: Night At The Museum ]]

* Near the end of the film, just as the sun is about to come up. [[spoiler:Jedediah and Octavius show up, alive and well. During the chase with Cecil, Larry saw them crash, and he's having a solemn talk with Roosevelt about their deaths. Then they come striding up, [[IncrediblyLamePun looking ten inches tall]], and...]].
--> '''Jedediah''': You wont get rid of us that easy.
* The beginning of Jedediah and Octavius' friendship might also qualify, especially from the viewpoint of the second film.
* At the end of the film, the museum has more people coming in then ever before. And it's all thanks to Larry.
* The ''way'' Larry got [[spoiler: the exhibits to make peace with each other and him: he talked to them and made what concessions he could. It was heavily implied that the older guards led by Cecil would just lock up/restrain them as quickly as possible and weren't very nice to them]].


[[folder: Battle Of The Smithsonian ]]

* The Tuskegee airmen acknowledging Amelia Earhart's role in aviation history, particularly her similar position to theirs (black people and females, OnceAcceptableTargets no more).
-->"A lot of people didn't think we could fly either. Thanks for clearing the runway, ma'am."
* Also when Larry gives the inspirational talk to a depressed Custer about putting the past behind him during the big battle.
* When Larry and Amelia Lookalike hook up (or, at least, it is hinted that they do) at the end.