* After all the work, sweat, blood and tears that went into saving all of the Goddesses, each Candidate gets a touching reunion with their sister, but none moreso than our duo of main characters, Nepgear and Neptune, the former who collapses crying into her older sister's arms. Neptune compliments her little sister on how much she's grown, and tells her she that will never leave Nepgear again.
* One of Uni's bonus voices has her outright confess her love for Nepgear. This is never approached in game, but it's nice to see her admit it on some level.
* Compared to her ''Victory'' incarnation, Neptune is a much more earnest hero in this game, and, discounting several moments where she simply lacks tact due to social skills, she really is just a girl that wants to help everyone. This shows best in her scene with Noire, where Neptune says she wants to protect everyone around her, and the only reward she wants is to see the smiles on the faces of the people she's saved...and pudding.
* Neptune outright told Noire that, even though they're both girls, if Noire loves her, she'll accept her. Given this is Neptune, how serious she was is debatable.
* Noire admits to Neptune being her best friend. It's slightly under her breath, but it's nice to see this Noire is a little more open than other incarnations. Of course, Neptune had to ruin the moment by being Neptune, but the sentiment was there.
-->'''Noire:''' Uh, stop being stupid. You are my...um, best...friend, anyway...
* The gathering of everyone's friends and comrades in Chapter 7; after Victory stopped caring about the human characters entirely, seeing the gathering of the Makers that contributed to the Re;Birth 1 storyline was a very fulfilling feeling.
* Planeptune believing (within seconds, no less, I guess the land does reflect the CPU), that Neptune is Purple Heart. Their faith and belief in their Goddess also restores Neptune's power, allowing her to transform again.
* After the Candidates are born in Chapter 8, each [=CPU=] who gets a sister is very excited, and the shy nature of the newly born Candidates is endearing. Especially from ''Neptune'', whose track record as a sister was tarnished EXTREMELY in ''Victory''.