[[folder: Original film ]]

* "Don't worry kid. There's nobody in the world gonna shoot Joe now..."
* Loved the end of the original film, with Jill and Gregg's "filmed letter".
--> '''O'Hara''': Come on, Windy, I got a million things to do.
--> '''Windy''': You got time for this (''turns on movie projector. Jill and Gregg come into the scene'').
--> '''O'Hara''': Hey, it's the kids!
--> '''Windy''': Crawford told me to spring it on you. He shot it when he was down there.
--> '''O'Hara''': (''calling to the screen'') Hey, Jill.
--> '''Jill''': (''silently'') Hello Max.
--> '''O'Hara''': Hey, they said "Hello, Max". (Joe walks into the scene. O'Hara takes a ''big'' step back) [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments *Yipe*]].
* O'Hara's HeelFaceTurn, where he admits that the whole mess was his fault and that he's willing to do whatever he can to set things right.