All the heartwarming moments from the anime adaption of VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork

[[folder:Nt Warrior]]
* [=ProtoMan=] risking deletion just to save a little girl's Net Navi.

* Torchman's [[spoiler: revival!]]
* Raoul saving Laika from falling support beams.
* Maylu and Roll trying to Cross Fuse just to help Lan and Mega relax from most of their time Net Saving.
* Chaud and Dark [=ProtoMan=]'s BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind. All of it. Especially the final portion, when Chaud corners Dark [=ProtoMan=] on the roof of his old home. Chaud starts walking over, and Dark [=ProtoMan=], by this point desperate to keep him away, fires a shot at him. Chaud just takes it, and, despite the pain, keeps walking. Dark [=ProtoMan=] starts panicing and fires blast after blast, to little or no effect. And when Chaud emerges from the smoke, he's transformed as if he'd successfully preformed Cross Fusion. Dark [=ProtoMan=] freaks out and stabs Chaud... which does little more than crack his visor. Chaud continues to approach, and Dark [=ProtoMan=], now trapped, starts screaming, just as the sun peaks out over the hills. In the real world, we see Lan as [=MegaMan=], who, in spite of being strangled, gets a hand on Dark [=ProtoMan=] and starts purifying his code. And then we see what Chaud did to Dark [=ProtoMan=], [[spoiler:he gave him a hug. Thus turning Dark [=ProtoMan=] to dust and restoring [=ProtoMan=]'s original program]]. Now ''that's'' friendship at it's finest!

* Malyu finally getting to perform Cross Fusion in order to help Lan in his Net Saver battles.

* Zoanoroid [=FreezeMan=] sacrificing his own life to protect [=IceMan=]'s.