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* The ending of the game, when Luigi has finally gotten Mario's painting back after a horrifying night. The Prof. decides to use his machine in reverse, sending Mario through a ridiculous course with much comedic hollering. What makes this a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming moment]], however, is Luigi's reaction when Mario bursts out the other end of the machine, fully alive, but with a grate stuck over his head. Luigi opens his mouth in a wide smile, like he can't believe it, cries just a little bit, and lets loose a most heavily relieved laugh. When you've gone through the events Luigi has, overcoming his fear for his brother... That one moment makes it all worthwhile.
-->'''Luigi:''' ''[[TearsOfJoy Mario.]]''
* VisualGag. The ballroom dancer ghosts have the same heart. They share a heart!
* Cheering up the various crying Toads throughout the mansion. [[SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound The uplifting little jingle]] that plays when they turn the lights on for you helps as well.
--> '''Toad''': Thanks, Luigi! You made my dark and stormy night!
* King Boo of all people gets one. When speaking to Luigi right before his fight, he calls his fellow Boos his "friends". Not minions. Not allies. Friends.
* Madame Clairvoya's final conversation with Luigi. Amidst a mansion that is filled with Portrait ghosts who are all either vain, self-centered, greedy, or some combination thereof, she's the ''only'' one who is nice to Luigi at all and even helps him try to find Mario. [[PeacefulInDeath She even volunteers herself to be caught for Luigi as opposed to living an eternal repetitive half-life,]] unlike the others who are happy to do the same basic activity they did in life over and over again.