'''TV Series'''
* Kate and Lizzie reminiscing about their friendship.
* The episode where Lizzie takes the blame for breaking a statue of a former principal while planning a dance even though Kate was the one who did it. She gets banned from the dance, but gradually everyone from school goes to her house and they party it out there, leaving Kate all alone at school.
--> '''Ethan''': Since you couldn't come to the party, the party's comin' to you!
* The way Gordo comforts Lizzie after her boyfriend dumps her:
--> '''Gordo''': There's no one prettier than you or more fun to be with… you'll get over it. Whereas that guy, he's an idiot and he's gonna feel awful for the rest of his life.

* Lizzie and Jo hugging each other at the airport. When Lizzie turns to leave, she goes back to hug her mother again.
* During the plane ride to Rome, Gordo wakes up to see Lizzie sleeping on his shoulder. He just smiles and goes back to sleep.
* [[spoiler: When Isabella leaves Lizzie to sing on stage by herself. Just the expressions of her friends and family as they see her preforming.]]
* Even though [[spoiler: Paolo is manipulating Lizzie,]] when they go out and head to the fireworks together, it is pretty heart melting. [[spoiler: Got to hand it to Paolo's manipulation, he really seemed to like Lizzie.]]
* [[spoiler: Kate's HeelFaceTurn for one thing.]]
* [[spoiler: Gordo taking the fall for Lizzie, when Ungermyer almost finds out she has sneaking out of the hotel. Just so you know, Gordo made a promise to Lizzie that they would have adventures in Rome together, but he's willing to give up the promise so Lizzie can have her own adventure with Paolo.]] UndyingLoyalty indeed.