Joscelin's devotion to Phedre is best shown in these two statements:
-->''" I will stand at the crossroads time and time again... and choose you."''
-->''" If I had to fall from Cassiel's grace, at least I know it took a courtesan worthy of kings to do it."''
* [[spoiler: Dorelei]] dreams of [[spoiler: Imriel]] feeding her honeycomb when she's heavily pregnant. He immediately asks who the finest beekeper in Alba is, an then asks that man how best to keep bees in Clunderry, just because she dreamed about it and he knew it would make her happy.
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: [[spoiler: The moment when Barquiel L'Envers finally accepts Imriel.]]
* Barquiel [[spoiler: Becoming oathsworn protector of Imriel and Sidonie's firstborn.]]
* ''Naamah's Blessing'': [[spoiler: Moirin's final meeting with Jehanne and her's and Bao's joint encounter with the Maghuin Dhonn bring up the possibility that there is a place beyond death and individual religions' respective afterlives where the people from the Kushiel's Legacy universe may be together again.]]