!!Phedre's Trilogy

[[folder: Kushiel's Dart ]]

* Delaunay threatening Baudoin and his men after Baudoin's men attempt to rape Phedre at Baudoin's party.
* After a fight with Alcuin concerning Delaunay, this comes up:
---> I stroked his hair where it lay against mine, then drew out two lengths and braided them together, dark and white intertwining. He kept his head next to mine and his arms about me, watching. “Our lives,” I said. “Bound together by Anafiel Delaunay.”
* Joscelin having to choose between coming back to the Cassiline Brotherhood or following Phedre. He decides to emulate his patron Cassiel's choice and picks the girl he started to love over the life of duty he was bound.


[[folder: Kushiel's Chosen ]]

* Thelesis de Mornay gifting Phedre with a bust of Anafiel Delaunay.
* Phedre using half the patron-gift of money given to her by Severio to pay the remainder of Favrielle's marque-debt, allowing Favrielle to leave Eglantine House and become the foremost couturier in the City of Elua. Even Favrielle was surprised at it, because she and Phedre had never liked each other and Favrielle had always acted snarkily towards her. And take note that if Phedre hadn't chosen as she did, Favrielle would have slaved away for her House well into her middle age and would never have achieved the fame and fortune she did after Phedre paid for her marque.


[[folder: Kushiel's Avatar ]]

* The revelation that Phedre gave a love-token to Nicola L'Envers y Aragon as a gift of friendship and thanks for aiding her ten years before when gave her the sacred password of her House.
* The moment when Phedre realises that she and Joscelin have become like family to Imriel.
** Reinforced when an old woman admires Imriel's looks and tells Phedre how lucky she is for having such a beautiful son.

!!Imriel's Trilogy

[[folder: Kushiel's Scion ]]

* Imriel giving Maslin the estate of Lombelon, all because he wanted to do something good for Maslin who was very like him but stuck in worse circumstances than Imriel had grown up in. [[spoiler: Though it doesn't turn out like Imriel hoped it would, his reasons for doing it are very kind.]]


[[folder: Kushiel's Justice ]]

* When the Sun Prince makes his entrance on the Longest Night, he bows to Sidonie (who is dressed as the Sun Prince as well) in the way all the other nobles bow to him. As well as giving her due respect, he's acknowledging her as the rightful heir to Terre D'Ange.
* For her birthday, Imriel gives Sidonie a pair of sun-pendant earrings he ordered made especially for her, something which was inspired by the costume she wore on the Longest Night.
* What Sidonie wants most in the world on her birthday is to spend one night together with Imriel. Even though it's incredibly dangerous for all involved, Imriel is determined to make that wish come true.
* [[spoiler: Dorelei]] dreams of [[spoiler: Imriel]] feeding her honeycomb when she's heavily pregnant. He immediately asks who the finest beekeper in Alba is, an then asks that man how best to keep bees in Clunderry, just because she dreamed about it and he knew it would make her happy.


[[folder: Kushiel's Mercy ]]

* Sidonie and Imriel's arc-word during their romance arc in this book: ''Always.''

!!Moirin's Trilogy
* ''Naamah's Blessing'': [[spoiler: Moirin's final meeting with Jehanne and her's and Bao's joint encounter with the Maghuin Dhonn bring up the possibility that there is a place beyond death and individual religions' respective afterlives where the people from the Kushiel's Legacy universe may be together again.]]

* Joscelin's devotion to Phedre is best shown in these two statements:
-->''" I will stand at the crossroads time and time again... and choose you."''
-->''" If I had to fall from Cassiel's grace, at least I know it took a courtesan worthy of kings to do it."''
* In Moirin's trilogy it's revealed that Barquiel [[spoiler: became the oathsworn protector of Imriel and Sidonie's firstborn.]]
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: [[spoiler: The moment when Barquiel L'Envers finally accepts Imriel.]]