* The squirrel giving Dukey a nut with a birthday candle in it in "Bath Time For Johnny" because Johnny "forgot" Dukey's birthday and Dukey was in tears.
** From the same episode:
-->'''Dukey:''' You didn't bathe for five weeks and rubbed fish on yourself for me?\\
'''Johnny:''' There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you!
* When Johnny and the johnny-Stopping-Force-Five are about to perform a HeroicSacrifice near the end of 'JX5 The Final Ending', Johnny wants Dukey to take Jillian in the escape pod off of Dark Vegan's ship. Dukey would rather go out with Johnny;
-->'''Dukey:''' Thanks for picking me up from the pound that day.
-->'''Johnny:''' And thank you for being the best dog a boy could ask for!