![[ComicBook/IronMan Comics]]
* In ''ComicBook/IronMan'' #182, Tony Stark had been living on the streets drunk. After helping deliver a baby and nearly freezing to death, he lay in his hospital bed telling Rhodey about his decision to quit drinking.
-->Rhodey, I realized something else that night. In my own way, I'm as helpless and scared and ignorant as the baby. I need help.
* In International Iron Man #7, Tony meets with his biological mother, Amanda Armstrong, for the first time. Tony tells her he'd really like to get to know her and loves her music, while Amanda is just shocked that the baby she gave up for adoption is the superhero Iron Man. They end up embracing each other with tears in their eyes.
-->Amanda: My boy.

![[Film/IronMan Films]]
* Heartwarming/IronMan1
* Heartwarming/IronMan2
* Heartwarming/IronMan3

!! ''[[Anime/IronMan Iron Man Anime]]''
* Episode 8 when Tony does some good on Aki.