* The Baker's wife's motherly instincts for Red.
* ''YouAreNotAlone. No one is alone...''
* The spirit of the Baker's wife appearing to reassure him that he can raise their child without her:
--> "Sometimes people leave you/ halfway through the wood. Do not let it grieve you. No one leaves for good."
* At first, when attempting to get the "cape as red as blood," the Baker tries just snatching the cape from Red. Naturally, once [[NiceGuy the Baker]] hears her crying, he gives it back, but later second-guesses that choice and goes after it anyway. This leads to him being the one that rescues Red and Granny from the Wolf, which leads to this exchange.
-->'''Red:''' Oh, Mr. Baker! ...You saved our lives. [''holds out cape''] Here.\\
'''The Baker:''' [''overjoyed''] Are you sure?\\
'''Red:''' Yes. Maybe Granny will make me a new one with the skins of that wolf!\\
'''The Baker:''' Thank you, ''thank you''!\\
[''he turns to go, but then gives Red a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, [[CrowningMomentOfFunny which she promptly wipes off]]'']