!! The Book
* [[spoiler: The ending with Ted stuck alone in the belly of AM as an immortal blob is pretty horrific, but he is a little happy that the other survivors are no longer being tortured]].

!! The Computer Game
* Anytime you can get the characters to smile. It is a small moment that reminds you there is hope even in a situation as terrible as in this game.
* Gorrister [[spoiler: realizing he was not to blame for Glynnis' insanity, and then giving her one last kiss before burying her]].
* [[spoiler: Benny growing attached to Mutant Child beyond simple necessity, and deciding to give his life to spare him from being sacrificed]].
** His fellow soldiers [[spoiler: forgiving Benny for murdering them in cold blood after planting a beautiful flower on their graves]].
* [[spoiler: Ted overcoming temptation and defeating the devil, allowing Ellen's (or a robot of Ellen) soul to get into heaven]]. The angel happily tells Ted "God bless you."
** In AM's [[spoiler: RAM space]], Ellen will remark that the [[spoiler: Superego]] looks like an angel, an image of [[spoiler: Ted]] wil flash before her, [[spoiler: even though she was not in Ted's scenario]].
* In AM's [[spoiler: RAM space]], [[spoiler: in Gorrister's section, a robot of Glynnis will help]] weaken the power of the electric generator, [[spoiler: and before returning to a pod, will tell Gorrister that her insanity was [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre not all Gorrister's fault]], and that they both made mistakes]].
* [[spoiler: Ellen overcoming her fear of the rapist is this and a MomentOfAwesome]].
* [[spoiler: Double Subverted]] with Nimdok's scenario. Yes he is giving pliers to prisoners so they can escape from the [[spoiler: concentration camp]], saving a child from [[spoiler: having his spinal cord removed]], giving horribly disfigured man ether, defeating his [[spoiler: Nazi]] superiors, and [[spoiler: reviving the Golem]], but [[spoiler: the sheer evil of all his crimes prevents him from receiving redemption, and the best thing he can hope for is a death at the hand of the golem by the old prisoner, who reminds him of his crimes constantly. However, when Nimdok enters his section of AM's RAM space, he finds an arm of the prisoner, with his voice commending him on taking his first step toward accepting what he's done, then asking him to join his fallen brothers]].
* [[spoiler: The good ending, where the final player shuts down the evil supercomputer, revive the last living humans on the moon, restore the Earth to its former glory, and contentedly remark on being able to watch over the computers in case AM comes back]].