!!The Movie
* There's something rather sweet that Horton the elephant's best friend is a mouse who never stopped trying to help him.
* Horton and the Mayor, despite their unusual circumstances, grow to be close friends, giving each other strength when their own worlds didn't believe in them.
* Somehow they managed to sneak the line from HortonHatchesTheEgg into the movie, as Horton explains that he promised the mayor to get whoville to a safe place. "And an elephant's faithful 100 percent."
* The whos finally believe in the mayor, cheering for the elephant that's going to help them.
* Rudy giving Horton the clover, and shortly after, Horton giving Kangaroo the cookie.
** And then Kangaroo placing a small plant like an umbrella over the clover.
* When Horton starts to sing "Can't Fight This Feeling," after all he did to help the Whoes against all odds, ''no one'' deserves to called "A Candle in the window/On a cold dark winter's night" than him.
** The fact that ''everyone'', [[spoiler: including Kangaroo and Vlad]], sang along the SuddenMusicalEnding, gives the viewers [[JustForPun a good feeling]] that everything finally turned out alright for everyone.
** [[spoiler:Jojo joining in. After spending the entire film (and implicitly much of his life) saying ''nothing'' his voice really has a chance to shine here]].