[[folder: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids ]]

* Russ Junior's BigBrotherInstinct towards Nick. Goes to show how much of a NiceGuy he is, that he doesn't hold any grudge towards the Szalinskis.
* Anty, the ant, refusing to leave the kids despite [[MouthyKid Ron]] telling her that he's free to go.
** Later, while scouting around (probably for food) Anty comes back and rescues the kids from the Scorpion when she hears Ron cry out.
* Diane [[SecurityCling clinging to Wayne]] after he says he feels the same way about getting the family back together.
* Diane whispering this one line [[BeautifulDreamer as Wayne rests after fixing the shrink ray he destroyed out of frustration earlier]].
-->"I love you, Wayne Szalinski."
* The ending.


[[folder: Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves ]]

* Before getting into the bubble machine, Wayne and Diane admit to loving everything about each other.
* The Daddy Longlegs whom, after being rescued by the parents from a spider web, helps them out in turn.
* The ending, where [[spoiler:Wayne gives his brother Gordon the title of president of Szalinski Labs]].
* Adam and Mitch made a family made of hot dogs, including a baby made of cocktail wieners. You gotta admit that's cute.