* Both movies have very heartwarming endings. [[spoiler: That is, until Kevin is yelled at by somebody.]]

!!''Home Alone''
* The member of the polka band offering Kate a lift after discovering that she needs to get to Chicago.
* Kevin talking to Old Man Marley in church, discovering he's actually quite a nice man despite all the scary rumors.
* Kevin's mother Kate being comforted by the Polka King while constantly calling herself a terrible mother.
* Kevin and his mother reuniting at the end of the first film. [[spoiler: Made even better when the rest of the family walks through the door seconds later.]]
* Old Man Marley reconciling with his son and reuniting with his family, which Kevin witnesses.
* Buzz praising Kevin for not burning the house down while they were gone.
* A few DeletedScenes show that, despite being [[BigBrotherBully jerks to him]] in the beginning of the film, Megan, Linnie, and Jeff [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther do love Kevin]] and spend most of their stay in Paris worrying about him.

!!''Home Alone 2''
* Buzz's heartfelt speech/apology to Kevin. He's actually kind of a nice kid, when not acting like a total dick.
* The first and second time we hear "Christmas Star". The first showing Kevin missing his family once again while looking at a view of New York at night. What adds to the heartwarming is that he says goodnight to his mother, while at the same time in the Florida Resort Kate is saying goodnight to Kevin. The second time was before he decides to deal with Harry and Marv. He makes a stop at the Beth Israel Hospital Children's wing. Where a sick kid is looking out the window and waving at Kevin, who waves back.
--> '''Kevin:''' [[ThisIsUnforgivable You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas.]]
* Buzz giving Kevin the first present to open on Christmas morning.
** Uncle Frank [[ThrowTheDogABone cheering for Kevin]] shortly afterward. Nice to see after he spent the first two movies being a complete ass to him.
* Kevin giving the second turtledove ornament to the Pigeon Lady.