* At the end of "Passage", after Javin learns Tal had stayed up all night and sends him home, [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster1/002-024.html he comes upon his sister Anthemys crying in bed and comforts her.]]
* At the end of "Liens Familiaux", in which Anthemys' grandfather threatens to use her paintings to ruin Tal's reputation if she does not return, [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster2/013-008.html Tal tells her he will still defend her from them.]]
-->'''Anthemys:''' But Grandfather said...\\
'''Tal:''' It doesn't matter what he said. You're not going back. I won't let them take you.
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/018-008.html Javin helping Nephos deal with his repressed feelings]] about [[DoomedHometown the destruction of the colony of his birth.]]
* When [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-018.html Tal drinks too much at the Founder's Day party]] (having [[UnsuspectinglySoused politely accepted a small bottle]] of Tantu Rum, not knowing [[GargleBlaster how alcoholic it was]]), [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster3/021-020.html Gilou takes him back to the lighthouse and sits up all night to be sure he's okay.]]
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/026-005.html Gilou and Anthemys as children, learning to get along.]]
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/028-001.html Gilou and Anthemys as adults, talking through their issues.]] Particularly [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster4/028-007.html regarding Anthemys' leftover hangups from her oppressive Veran upbringing.]]
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/strips/S-001.html The non-canon Christmas 2013 bonus strip]], in which Gilou notices Tal standing UnderTheMistletoe and [[spoiler:blows him a kiss, because she knows Tal wouldn't be comfortable with actually being kissed, but also knows Tal likes traditions]].
* Gilou is walking the streets at night and thinking to herself, [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster5/033-036.html "I need someone outside of all this, but who would let me in at two a.m. and accept 'I just need company and I don't want to talk about it' without question?"]] when she notices she's standing outside Tal's door. [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster5/033-041.html It's depressing and adorable at the same time.]]
* [[http://www.waywardmartian.com/harbourmaster7/041-092.html Tal invites Shan to talk to him about a few things...]]
-->'''Tal:''' And - forgive me if I'm being presumptuous - but ... you seemed lonely.\\
''[{{Beat|Panel}}. Shan looks surprised.]''\\
'''Shan:''' ''[smiling slightly]'' I think I've figured out what Gilou sees in you.