* Despite his constant harsh training, and Hanna insisting that she is ready to leave Finland, once she activates the transmitter she goes quietly to Erik's side and leans her head on his chest, showing how much they mean to each other.
* Hanna's entire short-lived friendship with Sophie and her family, and how Sophie's family basically takes her in as their own for a bit.
** When Hanna goes to a party with Sophie. It's her first time being in the real world and being able to let her guard down (mostly) and have fun.
*** Hanna's [[spoiler: first kiss.]] It is brief, and tender, and sweet.
** Hanna thanking Sophie for being her friend just before [[spoiler: fleeing the trailer to draw Isaacs and his men away from the family]].
** Later, Sophie [[spoiler: refusing to tell Marissa anything about Hanna's whereabouts]].
* The recorded tapes of Hanna's mother that Marissa listens to, talking about her pregnancy and her hopes for her child.
* After Hanna asks Erik if [[spoiler: he's really her father]], he tells her that he's ''been'' a father to her and he loves her no matter what.
* Erik's [[spoiler: last words]]:
-->'''Marissa:''' Why now, Erik?
-->'''Erik:''' Kids...grow up.
* There's a lullaby-like song that plays in the film's credits.
--->Dream...how I dream to feel\\
Dream...how I dream to feel\\
And everything will fill with light\\
A golden sun would fool this night \\
And all that is, and ever was \\
Begin again, begin again \\
To feel, finally for real.