[[caption-width-right:350:"Thank you, Franklin."]]
Kind of hard to pick because the show is pretty good at doing heartwarming...

* In "Franklin Sees the Big Picture," Franklin unveils a banner of himself sitting on his Granny's lap as a young kid reading the book Mouse in the House. Everyone gives an "aww" and Franklin says that his love of reading came from his Granny reading stories to him. Granny says that it was her pleasure.
* In ''Franklin and the Green Knight'', towards the end of the film, Franklin admits to Snail that he was worried that his parents wouldn't care about him once the new baby came and Snail admits in return that he was worried Franklin would no longer have any time for him. There's also the ending, in which Franklin meets Harriet for the first time.
* Fox's crush on Badger. It's really touching that he can look past her handicap and still find her attractive.
* ''Back to School with Franklin'' - Franklin gives Blue Blankie to Harriet, and then Harriet lends it to Kit.
* In "Hurry Up, Franklin!", because the others animals were much quicker than him, none of them noticed Snail slithering on the road until Franklin, a turtle, noticed Snail and after Snail cried because he wonít make it to Bearís birthday party on time, Franklin helps Snail by carrying him on his shell. Luckily, they both arrive just in time, and this is made all the more sweeter with Bear being more than happy to see Snail make it to the party.