!! The [[Music/{{Fx}} Girl Group]]
* When Luna said that "If we were impatient, we could have released an album with 4 members. But it would be pointless. f(x) can only be complete with 5 members" in regards to Amber's 6-month leave.
* Their [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PH4IvWyQC8 1st Music Bank win]].
* The interactions with fans on ''Koala'', especially when they visited a fan's house and cooked for the fan's family and friends.
** And the show ''Koala'' itself. The girls are so down-to-earth in the show, and watching the girls have fun without the hassles of celebrity life is definitely heartwarming.
* After being on hiatus from the life of an idol for nearly half a year (aside from movie promotions for films she had filmed prior to her hiatus), Sulli re-emerged unannounced with Luna at the opening ceremony for [=SMTown=] @ Coex Artium. It has yet to be announced if this means Sulli will be rejoining the group.
** Reactions were mixed, but the majourity were surprised and glad to see Sulli glowing and healthy.
* Their [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRi5PmFbbjU first win for 4 Walls]]. Seeing a 6 year old group shed tears like it's their first ever win is really meaningful, especially after they lost a member and went through rumours of disbandment.
* They were known for being the "forgotten" group in SM, being the only one amongst their biggest names who never had a solo concert and not even a fanclub name (except for Red Velvet, who is still fairly new). Cue January 2016: they held a much praised concert and finally got to announce the name of their fanclub ([=MeU=]). It was really heartwarming to see how happy and satisfied the members were, especially Victoria who got to celebrate her birthday onstage with her groupmates and fans.