Happens more often than you might think... As [[FamiliarFaces CR put it]], because the show wasn't nearly as schmaltzy as shows like ''FullHouse'', the moments where the characters did something heartwarming [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness meant all that much more.]]
* The Indian casino episode.
* "The Girls of Route Canal", in which Duckman tells his sons the story of how he met Beatrice.
* Near the end of "Cellar Beware", Duckman throws himself on top of a bomb -- and even though it didn't end up exploding, Duckman "sacrificing" himself ''willingly'' to protect his family tugs at the heartstrings a little.
* The end of "Sperms of Endearment", when Duckman and Bernice walk together in the park and engage in a venom-free exchange of their usual insults.
* After being driven to the brink by his various future-selves in "The Once and Future Duck", Duckman finds himself face-to-face with a past version of himself -- from the day of his wedding. When Past!Duckman asks if he and Beatrice will grow old together, Present!Duckman tells him the truth: ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DHb03sY1KY&t=1111s "You're gonna love her until the day you die."]]''
--> '''Past!Duckman:''' ůmaybe I don't need to know any more than that.
* "Ajax and Ajaxer" ends with a dedication to the late Dana Hill.
* The ending of the ''very first episode'' qualifies as one.