[[folder: ''Dragonheart'' (1996)]]
* The scene where Bowen and Draco sit by the campfire, without trying to kill each other. Even more so in the novelization, as Draco awakes to see Bowen dozing against his curled-up body. After which Bowen gives Draco his new name.
* The scene after Bowen's faith in the Old Code is restored and Draco quietly walks over and shields Bowen from the rain. Such a beautiful image and a powerful show of their friendship. In the novelization, Bowen reaches out to Draco atop King Arthur's monolith, and Draco wraps his wings around Bowen.
* Draco and Bowen watching over the villagers they've trained to fight against Einon, and Draco commenting that he finally has everything he's ever needed. In the novelization, Draco has Bowen climb on his back and they fly around the rebel camp. Draco says the age of dragons is over and that it's now up to humans to shape the world. [[spoiler: Which only makes the ending all the more gut-wrenching.]]
* [[spoiler:Draco sacrifices himself in order for Einon to die and earns his place in the Dragons' Heaven, his namesake constellation.]] Doubles as a tearjerker.

[[folder: ''Dragonheart: A New Beginning'' (2000)]]
* Geoff and Drake learning the history of dragons from Master Kwan.
* [[spoiler:Drake bringing Geoff back from the dead by sharing his heart with him.]] In the end, they both have what they have always wanted: a family.

[[folder: ''Dragonheart: The Sorcerer's Curse'' (2015)]]
* Drago sharing his heart with Gareth after the squire saves a dragon egg.
* Can also be counted as a tearjerker. The scene of Drago saying good-bye to Gareth and acknowledging him as a friend before Brude's curse completely takes hold of him.

[[folder: ''Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire'' (2017)]]
* The campfire scene where, lying on their backs, Drago and Edric gaze at the Draco constellation; paying homage to the same scene in the original film.
* [[spoiler:When Drago sacrifices himself so Edric can save Mehgan with the Heartfire, and earns his place in heaven, in another homage to the first film.]] Doubles as a tearjerker.