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* Say what you want about Chi-Chi, but her devotion to her family is this. Sure she may be harsh sometimes, but there are a lot of scenes that show that she really does care about them. Such as when she beat up the tutor for insulting Goku and hurting Gohan, her arguments with Bulma over their husbands, and (even though it was a TooDumbToLive moment) when she slaps Super Buu in the face, because she thought he killed Gohan.
* One from a minor character: Throughout EVERY tournament the gang has been in, there's only been one commentator. Years after, even when the whole world fell for Mr. Satan's lies, the commentator still believed Goku defeated Cell ([[CombinationAttack close enough]]). Especially heartwarming since he's known Goku since he was a kid, and has been present in a lot of important moments in his life (his marriage proposal, defeating Piccolo Jr. and so many more). Thus, it feels good to see him talk to Goku like an old friend.
** Also, early in the Junior Division Tournament of the Buu Saga, the Commentator expresses shock and pride when he recognizes Goten as Goku's son. We even get to see him briefly flash back to Goku and Jackie Chun's fight from back in the early days of Dragonball, which the announcer remembers as the best match he'd ever seen.
* The fact that the Pilaf Gang stick together even in their old age is rather heartwarming. One has to think that they stuck around because they formed a genuine friendship over the years.
* From the bonus chapter of ''Manga/JacoTheGalacticPatrolman'' called ''Dragon Ball Minus''. Whether you take it as canon or not compared to the Bardock Special, it is heartwarming seeing Goku's parents going out of their way to save him when they suspected that Frieza was up to something when he recalled all the Saiyans back to their planet. It gives a new light on Goku's arrival on Earth since he wasn't there to destroy it, like everyone told him, but to shelter him from Frieza. It worked, because Frieza didn't know Goku existed until he was right in his face.
** What they did also gets more heartwarming when you considered that this action was completely out-of-character for Saiyans since they usually don't care about their off-spring. At the end of the day Frieza was ultimately done in by a selfless act of love by a race not known for it.
*** Heck, Bardock and Gine in general. [[WordOfGod Word of Toriyama-sensei]] is that they were an extreme rarity among their Saiyans because they actually loved each other and in general acted the way a normal married couple would, rather than simply reproducing for the sake of convenience as most other Saiyans did.
* Whenever we saw Master Roshi filled with joy because of how far his students have come. Special mention to the last Tournament arc of Dragon Ball where he's filled with pride seeing how far Krillin has come.
* Piccolo saves Gohan in almost every DBZ movie until the Buu Saga. While it might have gotten formulaic, it was still heartwarming to see.

[[folder: Dragonball]]
* In addition to training them, Master Roshi gave Goku and Krillin reading and math lessons, and basically became their surrogate father. There's also a cute scene where Roshi pauses their training and tells them to take a nap. Goku worries that someone will train and become stronger than them while they do this, but Roshi assures him that everybody needs to sleep, as a montage of warriors around the globe take a nap as well.
* The entire Red Ribbon Army saga is the ultimate heart-warming story of ''Dragon Ball''. It completely embodies the spirit of the original series. It's just Goku as a child wandering the world searching for his lost 4-star Dragon Ball and meeting a lot of new friends and enemies along the way. He rescues #8 and the village elder from General White, he gives away his own heirloom just to resurrect Upa's father, and moved to tears, he meets his grandfather while fighting at Baba's palace.
** An easy to miss one during Goku's reunion with his grandpa: Son Gohan, Sr. is fully aware of the Oozaru transformation. He was ''killed'' by it. But when he's reunited with Goku there's no anger or resentment towards his grandson whatsoever. He was only concerned that the kid was growing up all right.
* The climax of the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budokai in the anime, which led to the fight been taken ''a few miles outside the arena'' but ended in Tenshinhan (while completely unconscious) barely winning the match because Goku was unfortunate to land first (he flew a van), the ''entire audience'' vacates the arena and runs towards the two combatants to applaud them. Later, a large man offers to hold Tenshinhan on his shoulders, claiming he must be exhausted from the fight. Keep in mind just hours before, Tenshinhan was very much the biggest {{Heel}} seen in a Tenka'ichi Budokai thus far and only [[HeelFaceTurn changed his ways]] during the fight with Goku. The same is almost done with Goku, and the two are brought closer together to congratulate each other, and they just smile at each other. Even Krillin was getting teary-eyed.
* There's something about Goku and Krillin's reunion in the original series episode, "Changes." Krillin had been revived by Goku three years prior but never got a chance to thank him.
* Goku's proposal is also adorable. As a naive little kid, he mistook marriage for a kind of food (understandable, given [[ObliviousToLove this]] {{is|ItSomethingYouEat}} ''[[IdiotHero Goku]]''...), but when he's grown, he nearly breaks Chi-Chi's heart when he tells her so, and then turns around and proposes for real.
-->'''Goku''': Sometimes my brain doesn't know what my mouth is saying. Good thing my heart does. Will you marry me?
** It's a miracle he could disengage his arm from her embrace to fight Ma Junior. Or Tien, for that matter.
** The original version just have Goku states that he thought "bride" was something you could eat. "But a promise is a promise, so let's marry."
* After Goku defeats Piccolo Jr., Kami laments that he has not accomplished anything significant during his reign as Guardian of the Earth and he had to rely on mortals to save the day. Master Roshi points out that had Kami never created the Dragon Balls, Bulma would have never gone on a journey and met Goku, met Yamcha, Roshi, etc. If it wasn't for Kami, none of them would have met and become the heroes they are today. Touched, Kami tells Goku that Roshi is a wise man indeed.

[[folder: Dragonball Z - Saiyan Saga]]
* It's far from a warm and fuzzy moment, but when Raditz was telling Goku about his origins and just scaring everyone with his mere presence, Gohan kept struggling against Bulma until he broke free and ran to hug his dad's leg. There's just something touching about a boy running to his daddy for protection.
* The whole orphanage filler episode counts. Gohan meets up with a few orphans, hangs out with them, and gets to know them. Then, after he leaves them, he wants to meet up with his mom (who he hasn't seen in half a year), but he couldn't do it because he had to train for the Saiyans, or else the world would be destroyed and he has to give up his chance to be with her to protect her and the other humans.
* Pretty much any scene of Gohan and Piccolo will have an "aaaawwwww" factor to it, but Piccolo's HeroicSacrifice in the Saiyan Saga is an obvious one to cite.
* While also a tearjerker, after Goku witnesses Vegeta's transformation into ape form, he quickly deduces that he was the monster who killed his grandfather. After his realization he promises to himself that if he dies the first thing he'll do is apologize to Gohan Sr. when he gets to Otherworld.

[[folder: Dragonball Z - Namek Saga]]
* A more subtle one is Gohan's rock-steady, not-taking-no-for-an-answer insistence on climbing aboard a centuries-old spaceshuttle and traveling to an alien planet so that he could be the one to personally wish Piccolo back to life. Consider that, prior to this point, Gohan was a sweet, shy crybaby who rarely raised his voice. He's five, by the way!
** Say what you want about Chi-Chi, but after the scene when Gohan gets upset and yells at her, the Ox-King and Bulma comforts her and they warmly convince her to allow Gohan to go to Namek. It was also heartwarming to see Chi-Chi happy again while she was cutting and styling Gohan's hair, showing that she loves her family very much, despite her getting upset. This also ends with Goku testing Gohan's strength to see if Gohan was really well enough to go to Namek.
** Especially changing out of his "school clothes" on the ship into a Piccolo-style outfit in his honor. Now THAT was awesome. He'd wear it until trading it in for Freeza armor after the battle with the Ginyu Force. But he would continue to wear Piccolo-style outfits for the most part throughout his childhood, culminating with a full outfit, complete with weighted shoulder wear and turban, at the Cell Games. He'd even wear a turban occasionally as the Great Saiyaman.
*** This realization makes me view the Great Saiyaman as less Narm and more "awww". But only a little...
*** Think of it this way: it's {{Narm}} with the helmet, it's Awww with the bandana.
* The Ginyu Force exist because Toriyama used to watch SuperSentai with his son. This is cute enough, but reaches CMOH levels because Toriyama mentions in his intros in the ''tankobon'' that he was often too busy with the manga to spend time with his family.
* The scene from the Frieza Saga with Vegeta and Krillin. It starts out with Vegeta telling Krillin that he has to hurt him badly in order for Dende to heal him and make him stronger. There's only one problem, Krillin can't bring himself to hurt Vegeta! It was sweet to see that Krillin had started taking Vegeta's presence on the good-guy's side for granted. Not to mention this is coming from the man who, just a few months ago had argued that Vegeta should be killed. He actually wanted to deliver the blow HIMSELF! Vegeta's reaction to Krillin's blubbering was fun to watch too. You could tell he really had no clue why Krillin was hesitating, though his reaction is more like a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}.
* During the Freeza saga, Kami and Popo's reunion when Piccolo's resurrection brings Kami back to life as well. Also the fact that Piccolo was happy that his own revival would revive Kami, considering that his father/previous incarnation would have given anything to be able to safely kill Kami.
* The fact that [[spoiler:Krillin's death is the one thing to push Goku over the edge to becoming a Super Saiyan. Despite all the others Freiza killed, Krillin finally making him reach something only obtainable through pure, unadulterated rage shows just how strong the bond between the two stayed, despite the fact that Goku is phenomenally stronger than him.]]
* As weird as it is to think of this early in the run, Vegeta and Goku have some in the final portion of the Freiza Saga. Aside from Goku helping out Vegeta with the Senzu bean, there is of course [[DeathInTheLimelight Vegeta's vulnerable, teary-eyed confessions about his past to Goku as he's dying]]. This is followed by his request that Goku finally let go of his honor in order to beat Frieza and avenge the Saiyans, and Goku [[DueToTheDead proceeds to bury his old foe]] out of respect. When Vegeta is [[DeathIsCheap brought back to life]] by the Earth's Dragon Balls, he's uncharacteristically delighted to see that his rival has achieved the Super Saiyan form. Goku, meanwhile, welcomes Vegeta back to the world of the living and comments that [[GallowsHumor he's glad they didn't bury Vegeta too deep in the ground]].
* The final episode in the Frieza Sage when you see Gohan and his family settling back into a normal life after all the crap they went through on Namek. The original music in the Funimation dub truly sells the feeling of being home again.

[[folder: Dragonball Z - Android/Cell Saga]]
* When Future Trunks first came to the present timeline, the first two to really trust him and accept the offered drinks are Bulma and Gohan, his future mother and mentor/best friend respectively. Trunks has this little smile on as he watches the younger counterparts of the two people most important to him.
** Also, while waiting for Goku, Trunks keeps stealing glances at Vegeta and again, has this little smile on as he meets his father for the first time.
* During the three years before the androids' arrival, Piccolo is invited to train with Goku and Gohan. In one of the fillers, it's even revealed that Piccolo became a regular guest of the Son family. If ever his transition from a lonely AntiHero to a full-on {{True Companion|s}} is cemented, it's by this arc.
* Almost all of the scenes with Chi-Chi taking care of Goku when he was sick. By the way she acted in the Saiyan and Frieza Sages it is easy to believe that Chi-Chi doesn't really care for Goku and more-or-less tolerate him for Gohan's sake. Then, you have these series of scenes with Chi-Chi besides herself with worry for her husband and is begging him to get well in tears. It was at this moment that you realized that despite how harsh Chi-Chi is to Goku, she dearly loves him.
** These same scene also applies to Yamcha. Seeing him helping Chi-Chi take care of Goku is just so touching. Even if he can't help with the androids, he can at least keep one of his oldest and dearest friends comfortable at the time he needs it the most.
* As Goku is resting after a particularly harsh fight ''and'' having a heart failure due to not having taken the medicine for his heart, Future Trunks and Chi-chi are watching over him. Future Trunks is wondering if coming to the past and giving him said meds was worth it or not, since he may have changed the future for the worse. Then Chi-chi smiles gently and comforts the kid, telling him (paraphrased)...
-->'''Chi-Chi''': [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther I can only speak for myself, but I'm very grateful to you. Because had you not come, my dear Goku wouldn't ever be here with me.]]
* Another scene is that after Goku had been deathly ill from the heart disease, he remarks to [[EducationMama Chi]]-[[{{Tsundere}} Chi]] and Master Roshi that he's going back out to fight the androids. Chi-Chi of course is against it at first, nearly losing her husband already with the heart disease (seeing her watch over Goku when he was sick made this troper smile [[TearJerker and cry]]). But the two eventually come to an agreement, knowing she can't stop her husband from going back out there, with the promise that he'll save the earth from the androids. Then...one of the RAREST things I've ever seen. While it's out of focus, we only see up to Chi-chi and Goku's shoulders. But from the look on Master Roshi's face, and the way Goku's hand tenderly squeezed Chi-chi's shoulder-leaning a bit closer to her body... it's easy to assume that [[IdiotHero Goku]] [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther actually gives his wife a good bye kiss]]! The whole scene screams, "AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther!"
** Before then, Chi-Chi jumping out the second story window to greet Goku who is finally out of bed. Goku embrace her and throws her into the air, even if it was a little too high.
* How could nobody have mentioned the time when Goku finally got up after recovering from the heart virus, and teleports into the plane Gohan and Krillin are in. AWWWWW!!
-->'''Goku''': Hi Krillin!
-->'''Krillin''': Goku!! (tackles Goku while crying)
** Leans a little into CMOF territory when Krillin's tackle sends them both smashing out of the side of the plane.
* When Krillin has the opportunity to deactivate Android 18 but can't bring himself to do it. This could even double as a TearJerker.
--> '''Krillin''': I can't do it. I love her.
* YMMV on this, but I personally found it heartwarming seeing Goku and Gohan spending time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It is somewhat rare to see Goku spend time with just Gohan, even if they are training to fight Cell. You can just see the love they have for each other through all the scenes, and how Gohan practically hero worship his father to the point the notion of becoming stronger than him leaves him in a state of disbelief. More touching is the scene in the anime when you see Goku and Gohan sleeping together peacefully with content smiles on their faces.
* Android 16's interaction with Dr. Briefs's cat, Tama.
** The warmth he shows towards all life really. Even the other 2 Androids, 18 and 17. Before he fights Cell, 18 is confused about what he's doing and he tells her he enjoyed the time they spent together and thinks they're cool.
* Gohan asking Piccolo to make him a battle outfit modeled off of Piccolo's. The latter is momentarily surprised by this, but then immediately complies, a warm smile on his face.
-->'''Gohan''': You ''were'' my first teacher, after all.
-->'''Piccolo''': Yeah, kid. It'll make you look really sharp.
* Gohan and Krillin's reunion with Dende.
* In a filler episode as Goku is relaxing with Krillin before the Cell Games, he admits to Krillin that he isn't sure that if they are strong enough to defeat Cell, but he doesn't want Chi Chi or Gohan to worry and he wants to spend as much time with his family should anything happen.
--> '''Goku''': These are precious times, Krillin. Being together is everything. That's all that really matters to me right now.
* Goku's absolute faith in Gohan's ability to beat Cell is certainly this.
** On the opposite end of the spectrum, Piccolo's absolute refusal to stand by as Gohan gets pummeled early in the fight is another moment. In particular, he gives Goku a very severe WhatTheHellHero speech for risking his son's life on a gamble.
--->'''Piccolo''': (''after hearing Goku's reasoning for letting Gohan face Cell alone'') Enough of this game, Goku! You're wrong about your son. Gohan may have that power, but it doesn't matter! [[FridgeLogic He doesn't thirst for blood and mayhem! He isn't a fighter like you]]!
--->'''Goku''': (''[[OhCrap gasps]], [[KubrickStare looks down]] [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone in shock]]'')
--->'''Piccolo''': Do you want to know what he's thinking? He's not thinking about strength OR competition! He's wondering why his father is standing there, letting him die! And so your son may be the most powerful person in the world, but he's also a scared eleven-year-old boy! [[PapaWolf I'd rather DIE than wait]].
* This may also balance with TearJerker, but when Gohan cries and blames himself for Goku's death and not finishing Cell off, Krillin tells him not to be hard on himself and that he fought well.
* After Cell kills Future Trunks (or at least VERY badly wounds him), it's a wonder Vegeta didn't go Super Saiyan 2 himself. The reason? The look on his face says it all: whatever jealousy he felt towards Trunks, whatever annoyances he had with him, Trunks is HIS SON. He'd called Trunks as such before, but in that single moment, the words "my son" finally hit him like a ton of bricks. The unbelievable rage he unleashes on Cell just solidifies this.
** Made better when Trunks is revived and Yamcha tells him what Vegeta did.
** Better yet, before Future Trunks leaves, he waves/salutes goodbye - this is as close to Vegeta saying "Good job, son" as he'd ever allow.
* During the BeamOWar in the Cell Saga when Tien, Yamcha, Krillin and Piccolo try to support Gohan, they all lament how Goku and Gohan changed them one way or another.
--> '''Piccolo:''' No, Gohan, I won't let you die out there all alone out there, because kid, you're the only one that showed me what it means [[TrueCompanions to have a friend]].
--> '''Krillin:''' I don't know why I'm getting up again. It'd be much easier to keel over. [[CowardlyLion I know back in the day, I would have never done this.]] [[CharacterDevelopment I guess I have Goku and Gohan to blame. Those guys changed me for keeps.]] And you know someday, I'll get them for that.
--> '''Tien:''' [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou Surpassing Goku]] has been my goal since I became a martial artist. Without him, I never would have come this far. And how did I repay him? [[ItsAllMyFault I stood there and watched him die.]] [[PapaWolf I will not make the same mistake with his son.]]
--> '''Yamcha:''' Goku, I hope you know how great a kid you've got. Like father like son, right? Well, I won't let you down.
* During Gohan's final struggle against Cell, the entire conversation that he has with his father has heart-warming written all over it but what sticks out the most to me is this exchange (in English)
-->'''Gohan:''' I haven't changed...not at all..
-->'''Goku:''' Would you '''STOP''' attacking yourself! I don't know where you got it in your head that there's something wrong with you, 'cause there's not!
* After Gohan has just defeated Cell, the Z Fighters (including Vegeta) all gathered with smiles on their faces around an exhausted but smiling Gohan after his victory.
** The thoughts of the warriors as they come to Gohan's aid, knowing that they are completely outmatched against Cell, but still can't leave themselves to let Gohan fight him alone. Really, that entire episode is a combination Tear Jerker, Moment of Awesome, and Heartwarming Moment for almost all the Z Warriors. Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin note how much having Goku and Gohan in their lives has changed them, spurring them to put it on the line to help Gohan after Goku's sacrifice. Even Vegeta finally gets moved, by Goku's Death, Gohan's Fight, and the Z-Warrior's Struggle, to finally finish breaking that shell he has around himself. This moment marks his biggest character development, as he fights to help former enemies and rivals he's only held at arms length. The moment when you see his Big Bang Attack mark the absolute end of the fight by giving Gohan the chance to finish Cell, for all of these reasons, will give you Goosebumps.
** Goku's words to Gohan: "Gohan, I'm ''so'' proud of you!"
* Goku wishing his friends well as he progresses to the afterlife, followed by everyone reminiscing on his importance and strength. Scenes of Goku's adventures throughout the series are interspersed with their dialogue.
-->'''Krillin''': You know, even though he was saying good-bye, it didn't make me too sad because [[MoodDissonance he was so cheery about it]].
-->'''Yamcha''': Yeah, well [[KidHero Goku's been that way ever since he was little]]. It's like nothing ever got to him. [[KindheartedSimpleton He's always had that goofy smile on his face.]] Guess that's just... [[NiceGuy him]].
-->'''Krillin''': (''chuckles'')
-->'''Tien''': Yeah, you're right. [[ProtagonistPowerUpPrivileges And with each new adventure,]] [[CantCatchUp we're always left behind.]]
-->'''Piccolo''': Hmph. [[IncorruptiblePurePureness Goku has, and always will, be Goku.]] [[TurnTheOtherCheek He gave me a Senzu Bean when I was trying to kill him]]. Even with a villain like me, [[AllLovingHero he always assumed the best.]] Nothing can take that from him.
-->'''Gohan''': Dad, I know what I'll remember about you. I remember when we were up against Frieza, and knew we couldn't win. [[{{Determinator}} How you just walked right up to him.]] And whenever things seem tough for me, I think of you walking forward like that, and [[HopeBringer it makes me strong]]. You've given us so much, dad. Thank you, for it all.
* Krillin doing his damnedest to come up with a wish that will help out Android 18, eventually settling for the removal of the bomb from her chest. The dedication stuns everyone. 18, while defensive, thanks Krillin for his act, setting the standard for their eventual relationship.
* Trunks saying goodbye to everyone before returning to his timeline. This includes Bulma [[SoProudOfYou expressing pride in what he's become]] and wishing him safety, and Trunks sharing a silent salute with Vegeta, the latter having finally accepted him as a son.
** Goku and Gohan get another moment during this scene, with the former's spirit showing up to pat his son on the shoulder. Gohan, stunned, turns around, looks to the sky, and smiles at Goku's beaming face.
--->'''Gohan''': Father.
--->'''Goku''': (''quietly'') Gohan.
* In the final episode of the Cell Saga, appropriately named "Free the Future", we see Trunk with all the power he had gained from the past not only take out the androids who murdered his friend and mentor, Gohan, but also Cell before he could steal his time machine and repeat the terror from the current timeline. Although it is a bittersweet ending since all the Z-Fighters are dead and there are no Dragon Balls (on earth anyway) to reverse the decades long damage the androids cause, it still gives a feeling of closure knowing that all the brave warriors had finally been avenged, especially Gohan who placed the hope of the world onto Trunks before he died. Trunks said it best just before he killed Cell, "The nightmare finally ends!".

[[folder: Dragonball Z - Buu Saga]]
* The development of Gohan and Videl's relationship throughout the early parts of the saga, as well as in Z in its entirety.
** The most heartwarming part is when Gohan departs to train with Kibito. Videl tries to go along, but while Gohan wants her there, she realizes her relative inexperience at flying along is holding him back. When she goes to leave, she tells Gohan to stay safe not just for the rest of the world, but specifically ''for her''.
* Another minor "Aww, Look! Vegeta Does Have a Heart!" moment, but when Vegeta accidentally hits Trunks while they were training together and making him cry, he looks horrified and regretful for having hurt his son. Also given the general sense of the [[SpartanWay way Saiyans were raised]], it says a lot that Vegeta regrets hurting his son while they were training together!
** Vegeta's relationship with his son in general, really. With Future Trunks he was in full WellDoneSonGuy mode, but seven years later with his "real" son it's clear that he loves Trunks even if he isn't always explicit about it.
** While Goku and Vegeta are pigging out before their matches during the World Tournament, Gohan and Videl show up to join them and inform them that Trunks knocked out Hercule with a single punch. Vegeta says absolutely nothing, just looking at his meal- and smiling. This is a fighter who rarely smiles genuinely unless he's sneering at his opponent, ''and he's smiling because he's damn proud of his son.''
* Krillin and Android 18 getting married, having a family, and becoming GoodParents. Krillin has been beaten up, stabbed, even killed a few times and is constantly the ButtMonkey. Android 18 was forcibly converted into an android, got to see her brother eaten, and got absorbed herself. By the time the Buu saga rolls around 18 is accepted by the Z warriors, she and Krillin are happily married, and they have a daughter.
* Goten and Goku's first meeting (anime only). Goten is seven years old and has never met his father before; he hides behind Chi-chi's skirt for several seconds, staring in silence... then abruptly screams "Daddy!" and rushes into his arms. Even Piccolo was smiling.
* Vegeta preparing to [[TakingYouWithMe sacrifice himself to kill Buu]], finally revealing that he has a heart and [[FinalFirstHug embracing his son Trunks for the first time...]] topping it all off with a "You've made me proud." After spending the entirety of the previous major arc not even giving his family a second thought, this was a true indication of just how far the Saiyan Prince had come. [[spoiler:It would've been even more heartwarming if Buu hadn't survived and Vegeta hadn't brought back to life the next day.]]
** Goten was so moved by this scene, he sucked his thumb briefly.
** He earns double bonus badass-Heartwarmer points when he asks if he will see Kakrot in the afterlife. Piccolo, never one to parse words, point blank explains that while Goku was rewarded for all the good deeds he's done, Vegeta's history is too brutal, and he will ultimately be sentenced to Hell. Vegeta only smiles, with his "of course" face and tells Piccolo to run.
*** Then, during the explosion, two things happen. First, Piccolo tries to go back and save him (he's of course stopped), and at least in the dub version, there is a moment where the blast radius reaches its apex that underneath Vegeta's theme, his screams are cut off, at which point no one can claim it's not a [[TearJerker Tear Jerker]].
*** Heck, if I remember correctly Krillin stopped Piccolo, then ''he'' later tried to stop Vegeta himself only to be prevented by ''Piccolo!'' Mind you, I think that's how it happened.
** Pretty much ''any time'' the incredibly emotionally stunted Vegeta and #18 show that they care, especially #18 - at least with Vegeta you get the constant idea that Earth has been slowly growing on him through the series; with #18 you get a while before she shows, however briefly, that she actually cares about anyone - until then you get the idea that she's just hanging around everyone out of habit rather than friendship. Her yelling out to Krillin before his HeroicSacrifice against Super Buu was a nice "awww, she ''does'' care" moment, [[KillEmAll even if she and everyone else]] ''[[KillEmAll did]]'' [[KillEmAll die immediately afterward.]]
*** For #18's part, it's played a whole lot straighter in GT [[TearJerker/DragonBall when Krillin is murdered by Super 17]].
** We even see that Vegeta cares for Gohan and Goten, as well; when everyone believes that Buu killed Gohan, Vegeta is enraged and mentions this as one of his main reasons for wanting to kill Buu. Later on, after [[spoiler:Earth is destroyed, Vegeta snaps at Goku, not that he let ''his'' son die, but that he let ''their sons'' die.]]
* Everything about the episodes where Hercule and Majin Buu become friends. Best example; earlier on, Hercule tricks Buu into lying down so he can take a picture of himself standing triumphantly over Buu as "proof" that he "defeated" Buu. But after he and Buu have actually become friends (and had helped save a puppy from a fatal wound), Hercule remembers the picture and, realizing how wrong it was to take advantage of Buu's naivete, ''tears it up and throws it away.'' Such a far cry from when he was willing to take undeserved credit in the previous saga.
** Let's not forget Buu's healing the blind kid earlier. It showed to the audience that Buu could be a good person once he got past his serious lack of knowledge about right and wrong -- something that Hercule was quite willing to fix upon learning this himself.
*** However this quickly turned into terrifying when Buu flies off to get some milk for the blind boy. He finds an innocent man simply unloading from a truck, then proceeds to turn this man into a carton of milk. Milk that he then gives to the child. [[HumanResources IT'S PEOPLE.]]
*** In addition to showing that Buu could be a good person, the meeting with the boy is a red herring to those who think that Buu is going to turn over a new leaf BECAUSE of his meeting with the boy. Well, if turning a man into milk doesn't convince you that he's still not a good guy yet, check out what he does right after he leaves the boy.
* After becoming Mystic, Gohan has a heartfelt goodbye with his father before going off to face Majin Buu, with Goku believing this is the last time he'll see Gohan until his eventual death. It wasn't but still, incredibly touching.
--> '''Goku''': Okay, go be a hero.
** And later when he returns to Earth, Gohan asks Kibito to change his garb to resemble Goku's as a way to honor his father as the greatest warrior who ever lived.
* The battle with Kid Buu seems almost like it was structured just to finally get Vegeta and Goku to become friends (or at least reduce the animosity down to a friendly rivalry). This first comes into play when they start swapping out fights with Buu. When each sees the other struggling, they step in to let the other recuperate. In Vegeta's case, this was particularly meaningful, since he was still technically dead, and to die again would erase him from existence.
* Vegeta's speech to the humans during the final battle with Kid Buu, where he encourages them to raise up their arms to give Goku the power he needs to create a Spirit Bomb big enough to destroy Buu, and tells them to [[DareToBeBadass "consider this your first step to becoming a warrior race."]] [[HumansAreMorons While it does take a while for the humans to get the hint]], it's saying a lot when it comes from the guy who tried to destroy the Earth himself a decade earlier.
** Considering how much [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy pride Vegeta has in his own race]], this means a lot from Vegeta.
** Before that, Vegeta's [[WorldOfCardboardSpeech internal monologue]] where he finally [[TameHisAnger fully accepts]] the fact that [[TheHero Goku is better]] than him.
* Vegeta dies fighting Majin Buu and is sent to Hell for the evil deeds he's done in the past. Flash forward about a day and a massive epic fight, in which Uranai Baba briefly brought Vegeta back from the dead because Goku needed help. Dende wishes for Porunga to bring everyone who isn't evil back to life, and Vegeta is reincarnated along with everyone else. The look on his face is just amazing.
--> '''Goku''': And guess what else, the evil people weren't wished back. The verdict's in, you're a good guy!
* As Goku's about to throw the Spirit Bomb and kill Buu, he warns Vegeta to get out of the way. Unfortunately, Vegeta's too weak from having to distract Buu to move. Despite everyone (even confused villain's), and Vegeta pressuring him, Goku can't bring himself to sacrifice Vegeta.
* After Goku throws the Spirit Bomb and kills Buu, he floats down slowly to the face-in-the-mud Vegeta, holding out a thumbs up, saying "we make a pretty good team after all, don't we?" Vegeta's head slowly lifts, smirks, and he returns the thumbs up.
** In the English dub, they even have a good laugh together.
** Also the little speech Goku gives about hoping Kid Buu returns as a good person is a heart-warmer, showing just how forgiving Goku can be, especially since unlike Freeza and Cell who were intelligent and chose to be evil, Buu was just a psychotic child who didn't know any better.
* As Super Saiyan Goku pushes the Spirit Bomb towards Kid Buu, it shows everyone cheering Goku on; Dende and the Kais on planet Namek, Goku's friends and family on Kami's Lookout... and in Other World, King Kai, nodding happily and saying "[[SoProudOfYou I taught him that technique]]!", and King Yemma holding up the large TV he's watching the fight on and going "attaboy!". Even the villains in Hell are watching, and Babidi is ''rejoicing'' (since Buu turned on him and killed him). It all culminates in Dende, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo [[SayMyName calling out Goku's name]], before they (along with Goten, Trunks, Old Kai, and Kibito Kai) emphatically shout "DO IT!" as Goku releases the bomb.
* Hercule tries to get Fat Buu to wake up after Kid Buu spits him out and says that Fat Buu is his only friend, which is kind of depressing. Luckily by the end of DBZ, Goku has genuinely befriended him and he has Buu as a permanent roommate.
** Also, him protecting Buu from Vegeta as the latter prepares to finish Buu off, as it shows just how much their friendship meant to Hercule. He even goes so far as to say that he'd take full responsibility for him to make sure Buu would never cause havoc again.
** From Vegeta's point, he tries to kill good Buu, but only in order to protect everyone. When Hercule throws himself between Vegeta and Buu, despite his threats and big talk, Vegeta can't bring himself to hurt Hercule.
* All of the reunion scenes after everyone is wished back to life in the Buu saga, some of which you have to watch the anime to see. Special mentions go out to Krillin's family -- when his daughter runs up to him for a hug, and he looks up to see 18 coming out of the shadows, smiling and waving, and Gohan landing behind Videl and tapping her on the shoulder... and she turns around, is shocked to see him, and starts crying and beating him on the chest. And he just looks adorably confused.
* After Goku, Vegeta, Hercule, Majin Buu, and Dende return to Earth following Kid Buu's defeat, we are treated to a touching reunion with all the Z-Fighters, especially with Goku who has been dead for seven years and had given what he believed was his final goodbye just the day before. Chi-Chi crying onto Goku's chest after he tells everyone that he is not dead anymore and that he can go home with his family should leave anyone with a warm feeling in their chest. It even left Android 18 smiling.
* Just the fact that, for the first time since ''DBZ'' started, all of the main characters got the chance to live in peace with one another for a solid 10 years after Buu was defeated. Until this point, [[TimeSkip previous time jumps]] were spent with Piccolo still roaming around as a villain (like in the interim between ''DragonBall'' and ''Z''), the Z Fighters training to fight an upcoming threat (like the 3 years they spent training for the Androids), or everyone being forced to move on from Goku's death (the 7 years after Cell was defeated). Here, everyone is together, successful, and happy.
* In "Granddaughter Pan", some jerk accidently trips over a tiny Pan and gives her the middle finger. [[TheWoobie Pan cries because her ice cream cone dropped]], so Goku says "You can have grandpa's ice cream!" Awwww
*** For those keeping score at home, Goku is ''sharing his food.''
** Goku and Pan's bond in DBZ.
* One on the manga's very last page. Before the start of the finale, there is one page doubled with a tearjeker, on the page there is the picture of the first meeting between Goku and Bulma, where you see that it really puts into perspective all the times that have passed since them, and how they have moved on since, that never stops to bring me to tears.
-->''This story began with a chance encounter long ago... and now we come at last to the present. From now on, you'll have to see into their world with your own eyes... but maybe that will be even more fun!''

[[folder: Dragonball Z Movies]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvlCuEaMIcI intro]] to the latest Dragon Ball Z TV special is one, taking {{Opening Shout Out}}s and combining them with happy glimpses into the lives of all the main characters, with a VFormationTeamShot at the end. And then there's the rest of the special...
** The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Hvs7JdDys ending]] is just as heartwarming, showing how Goku's family grows over the years.
* The end of Bardock: The Father Of Goku, when Bardock learns through his ESP that Goku will take down Freeza. The sheer pride he feels for his son, and his wish that he could've hugged the kid at least once, is sincerely touching and heartbreaking (considering this happens when he's about to die).
* In ''Bojack Unbound'' when Gohan is failing against Bojack (literally being crushed to death) his DEAD father opts to break the rules of the afterlife, instant transmit onto the battlefield and force Bojack to release his son with a strong punch to the face. In both English and Japanese, this is preceded by a cry of "My son needs my help!" in English and a "I can't take it anymore!" in Japanese. In both versions, Goku catches his falling son and gives him a much needed pep talk (though much more severe in Japanese). Never mind the fact that him interfering at ALL is a major no-no because he's dead. Goku doesn't care.
* The ending credits of ''Bio-Broly'' showing how Goten and Trunks were born and grow up showing they were the heroes of the movie, and truly inherited the spirit of their fathers.
* A particular scene comes to mind from the Z film "Wrath of the Dragon." Early on in the film features a scene with many of the main characters enjoying an evening barbecue. Trunks and Goten's hands are shown sneaking up from underneath the grill grabbing skewer after skewer of shish kabobs, intending to give the food to Tapion. Goku notices them and breaks into a very warm smile and silently moves the last skewer over on the grill towards Trunks' hand.
** Another scene from Wrath has Vegeta, who had entered the fight with Hirudegarn with his typical self-centered reasons (his first day off in a month and some monster attacks his home) and is smashed into a crowded office building. Hirudegarn prepares a fire breath attack and Vegeta glances at the people near him and expends all of his energy creating a barrier that shields everyone from the attack. Its a small moment but it shows just how much he's changed from the AxCrazy planet killer he was in the beginning. To cap it off, we later see the very same people he had saved helping him up.
* When Tarble visits Vegeta, it's a clear showing of Vegeta's CharacterDevelopment that he tolerates his brother (as opposed to killing Nappa when Goku beat up the big guy).
** On top of that, [[http://youtu.be/fnj-eo27hD8?t=5m3s he politely bows when greeting Gure after learning she's his sister-in-law]]. A huge difference compared to how he treated Future Trunks during the Android Saga.
* There are quite a few of these in ''Battle of Gods'':
** The entire ending credits sequence, which is a huge nostalgia trip for everyone who has read or watched the series and shows that the movie is a labour of love.
** Videl announcing [[spoiler: that she's pregnant]], along with everyone's reaction to it.
** What triggers Goku's [[spoiler: second transformation into Super Saiyan God]] is seeing his friends and family crying out for him, [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther starting with Chi-Chi]]. Given how often Goku's treated as a negligent father and husband by fans, it's touching to see that he puts his wife first here.
*** There was also Goku admitting that he hated how he became a Super Saiyan God since he couldn't reach it with his own power, but he swallowed his pride to not only fight Beerus, but to protect his friends.
*** During that scene, the first one to point out he became that strong thanks to his friends is actually Beerus himself, averting EvilCannotComprehendGood. Doubly heartwarming when you consider the only person Beerus seems to hang out with frequently is Whis, meaning he must legitimately consider him a friend despite how much they argue.
** On a similar note, when Bills [[spoiler: knocks Bulma down]], Vegeta '''''[[ThePowerOfLove freaks out]]''''' and manages to briefly surpass Goku (something that Goku willingly admits!). [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Of course, he refuses to admit the reason for his strength boost afterwards.]]
** Bills [[spoiler: not destroying the Earth,]] displaying the ''genuine'' respect and perhaps even care for its inhabitants. This coming from the being who destroyed the planet of a lesser god because [[spoiler: he lost a game.]]
*** For that matter, Bills is an unusual example of a DBZ antagonist in that he's not even really actually evil at all. Sure, he threatens to destroy the Earth, but he conducts himself with a great deal of dignity and respect for Earth's inhabitants, and is even polite at Bulma's party. When Goku initially challenges him early on in the movie, he politely accepts the challenge. He legitimately just wants to find out what a Super Saiyan God is, and have a battle worthy of his level of skill. When you think about it, he's actually quite a bit like Goku in that sense.
**** He's sort of a deconstruction of Goku, both of them being rather lazy outside of the prospect of fighting things, obsessed with food, kind and respectful but with no sense of being rude, outright terrifying to enemies when angry and generally the most dangerous things in the universe. Only difference is is that Beerus had nobody giving him a moral compass.
** In the uncut version of the movie, we have an extended scene with Old Kai and the Supreme Kai. Supreme Kai is musing about how Goku can make friends with anyone, including the God of Destruction himself. Old Kai then says that it wasn't just Goku alone, but their entire group. He goes on to say that it was probably the entire planet itself since Goku was supposed to be a vicious warrior and Vegeta was a murderous space pirate who were both turned to good people. It gives new highlight that the despite humans being physically weak, the [[HumanityIsInfectious human heart]] itself can turn even the most vicious being into a friend.

[[folder: Dragonball GT]]
* In Dragon Ball GT: a flashback to a family and friends day out on the beach, before Goku went off to train Uub. Goku, the guy who's always leaving his family behind to fight or train or both, said something that made me almost tear up.
--> '''Chichi''': Its days like this that make all of the hard times weve been through seem worth it.
--> '''Goku''': Well, I have to admit, I ''do'' miss all the fighting. *turns to look at Chichi, smiling* But here, I get to be with ''you guys''!
* Whether or not you like them or, even consider their existence canon. Watching Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. is surprisingly adorable. The pair are polite to one another during their match (even if Vegeta Jr. used a little TrashTalk early on), and seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves during the fight.