[[folder: The Anime Series ]]

* Heartwarming/DigimonAdventure
* Heartwarming/DigimonAdventure02
* Heartwarming/DigimonAdventureTri
* Heartwarming/DigimonTamers
* Heartwarming/DigimonFrontier
* Heartwarming/DigimonSavers
* Heartwarming/DigimonXrosWars
* Heartwarming/DigimonXrosWarsTheYoungHuntersLeapingThroughTime


[[folder: The Games ]]

* Listening to the amazing ambient music of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jldBKJOZLd8&feature=related&hq=1 File City at night]] and then letting the [[MostWonderfulSound digimon sleep]] won ''VideoGame/DigimonWorld'' a place in my childhood.


[[folder: Meta ]]

* Digimon Heroes from ''Adventure 1 & 2'' [[http://haibara-senpai.tumblr.com/post/113310785745/ehdreeahnah-and-i-tried-to-forget-when-i-left-this with their digimon partners.]]
* Fans of the series had a Change.org petition asking Bandai-Namco to localize ''VideoGame/DigimonStoryCyberSleuth'' outside of Japan, which they did, even developing a [=PS4=] version of the game. Prior to the US/EU release Kasumasa Habu, the producer of the Digimon games, released a video thanking fans for their continued devotion to the series and for letting Bandai-Namco know how much they wanted to have the game released.