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[[caption-width-right:336:[[SayMyName Koosiiiiiiie!]]]]

* When Dexter learns that pirates kidnapped his sister in "Ocean Commotion" (they believed she was a mermaid due to her swimsuit), he goes straight to the pirate ship and reveals his GiantMecha, which he had intended to keep secret, to save his sister, even though it would be easier for him if she were out of the picture.
* In a weird way, the ending to "Beard to Be Feared", even though it's had some MemeticMutation:
-->'''Action Hank''': "It doesn't matter if you have the beard on the outside, as long as you got the beard on the inside."
* The first half of "[=LABretto=]" is really nice ''and'' funny, and then the rest is just {{funny|Moments}}.
* The ending to "Dee Dee's Tail". "Run free, Dee Dee!"
** Made even better by the fact that this one of the few genuinely happy endings in the series.
* "Way of the Dee Dee" has a lot of these moments, mostly involving the times in which Dee Dee tries to teach Dexter how to have fun/how to act like a playful kid. And even the ending, where, for once, Dee Dee is genuinely apologetic for the chaos she (albeit unintentionally) induced.
* In "Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster," Dexter's mom asks Dexter to read to a sick Dee Dee, who's genuinely touched by the gesture. As Dexter begins to read to her, Dee Dee, smiling weakly, cuddles up to him and folds her arms over his head. A sweet image.
* Dexter's duet with [[Music/PaulWilliams his piano teacher.]] Also doubles as CrowningMusicOfAwesome, because it's a sweet song.
* Monkey getting Simian to do a HeelFaceTurn by offering him a banana.
** Also, his memories with Agent Honeydew.
* Koosalagoopagoop ''finally'' being accepted in The Land of Koos. The TastesLikeDiabetes atmosphere only ''added'' to the cuteness.
* "Nobody bonks my sister but ''me!''" Nothing annoys Dexter in the world more than Dee Dee, but messing with her will set off his BerserkButton in a way that messing with his lab has ''never'' accomplished.
* The ending of "Sun, Surf, and Science" where Mandark befriends the surfer dude.
** Also, him trying to save Dee Dee.
* Even though it's an UnCancelled episode, the story of how Dexter and Dee Dee's parents met back in 80s is pretty sweet.
* In the quiz in episode 20 the final question is to identify each others favourite thing in the world. Dexter's is his lab but Dee Dee's favourite thing? [[spoiler:Dexter.]]
* Dexter's and his family pulling together to defeat the {{Kaiju}} monster in the episode "Last But Not Beast" was surprisingly touching.
* Dee Dee meeting Sasquatch in "Sassy Come Home" and the two becoming fast friends.
* The entire graphic novel "Dee's Day," written by Derek Fridolfs, is this. The plot is essentially a play on the "It's a Wonderful Life" trope, in which Dexter wishes Dee Dee out of existence. At first he's content with this, but then begins to grow bored with his life... and then remorsefully tries to find his sister in a parallel dimension because he misses her. He does eventually find her, but she exists in a dimension where she doesn't know him, and he desperately tries to convince her to come home. Eventually she does, and the comic ends with the two of them genuinely bonding with each other, with Dee Dee teaching him how to dance.
* The end of "Accent U Hate." The next day after a group of kids with "funny accents" stand up to the bully who was going to beat up Dexter and his friends because of their accents, they run into him. He turns to them and Dexter and his friends shiver...right up until he turns around, revealing he's wearing a new shirt that says, "I Love Kids With Funny Accents."
* The ''Justice Friends'' episode "Krunk's Date". Not only is it clear that Krunk and She-Thing love each other, but Major Glory and Val Hallen are both shown to be supportive of the relationship and even comfort Krunk over She-Thing going to jail.