!!2001 anime series
* The RobotBuddy 005, 006 and 007 become friends with in the episode "Mystical Island".
* The ChristmasEpisode involving 003. She's stuck with a needle that makes her enter a waking dream-state, and starts seeing her long lost brother Jean Paul, who was an AcePilot. Eventually 009 gets worried and goes looking for her. He eventually does, and saves her from certain death... but not without the help of a strange old airplane that leads him right to her... makes you wounder, don't it?
* 004 is fighting a fully mechanic EvilTwin in the ruins of an old German castle. The robot knocks an owl nest near to their fighting place... and 004 shields the mother bird and its babies instead of attacking. Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome because [[SpannerInTheWorks it totally messes with the robot's programming]] and lets 004 gain the upper hand in the fight.

!!Conclusion: God's War (Manga and Light Novel versions)
* Doubles as a TearJerker: [[spoiler: Joe asking Francoise her wish on what she wants to be, with her answering [[AnguishedDeclarationOfLove "your bride"]].]]
* The bittersweet final sequence of the chapter "The Two Universes": [[spoiler: In the year 201x, the Earth is shown at peace. Or rather, a perfect and peaceful copy of Earth, existing in the "universe of light". Jet, Albert, G-Junior, Chang, G.B., and Pyunma appear as normal human beings that are enjoying a day at the beach. They then reunite with Joe and Francoise, who have also been reborn into ordinary human lives. Although Ivan is absent in the manga version, the light novel states that he's there too. The 00 team have achieved their wish for peaceful existence through sacrifice.]]