* The five bloody fingers [[JoinOrDie "renewing their blood oath"]] is a peculiar mixture of heartwarming, TearJerker and NightmareFuel.
** Also, it's shown in the climax of Five Bloody Fingers that Yamada really does love his daughter....despite being a massively cruel asshole to nearly everyone else.
** The mere fact that there is a group of characters who are basically Zombie Apocalypse Survivor!versions of the Big Hero 6 that can still exist in this universe is pretty heartwarming in itself.
* There are several moments hidden through the series that aren't just {{HopeSpot}}s but genuine litte statements. This trope found the panel of the wolves at the end of chapter 5 to be one of the most touching panels in comic book history.
* Cindy's revealed 'origin'. Characters spend the series wondering how she came to be so determined, knowledgeable and fierce about surviving and protecting herself and her son, even making up fancy backstories ('She's a green beret!'). The truth is far less cliché and a lot more thoughful;
-->There's nothing special about me. My grandfather taught me guns. He was old-fashioned, but he thought women out to learn to protect themselves. I got married to an asshole because I was stupid and blind. He beat the shit out of me until I saw no one was going to stop him, so I had to do it myself. After that I had to keep running, moving on to somewhere else small and quiet. I had to teach myself the discipline for it. Not get lazy, not get comfortable, go. But that's all. That's everything there is to me. No mystery.
* Stan befriending the stray dog, [[FridgeBrilliance especially]] if you consider that the domestication of dogs has been one of the first signs of human civilization.
* Patrick's final summary of what they went through; it ''wasn't'' all for nothing - because, in the face of a world of violence and depravity, [[TheAntiNihilist they chose to value each other]].
-->I think... Everything we did... Everything... Was for each other. And some of us got killed, but that doesn't mean the things we did for them were wasted.
* Shaky and Sofia together watching the aurora borealis, right before [[spoiler: the latter's suicide]].
* Future telling Mustaqba that she loves him. Even though it's made a bit {{Narm}}-y because of the FutureSlang in the arc's language, it's still rather touching considering the fact that it seemed like their relationship was straining because of recent events, that and the fact that this was the ''first time'' Future has directly said her love for him.
-->'''Future''': ''Mustaqba...''\\
'''Mustaqba''': '' Shh..''\\
'''Future''': ''I heart you''
* An example occurs in the end of the "Dead or Alive" webcomic arc. We hear most of the story from the point of view of an UnreliableNarrator. He views the group keeping him alive as useless or worse, and acts like a parasite. In the end, his goal of staying with them only until they "outlive their usefulness", then leaving and killing as many as possible to avoid their revenge is what does him in. The survivors note that it has been their willingness to work together as a group and to support each other through weakness that has kept them alive for so long. Then, because this ''is'' a story in the ''Crossed'' franchise, they leave him with a gun to kill himself when the Crossed show up.