[[folder: 1981 Version ]]

* Perseus explanation to Andromeda of his affections for her comes across as rather [[{{Narm}} Narmish]], but adorable at the same time.
--> '''Perseus''': Just believe me when I say I that I did see you. And the sight of you burst straight through me like an arrow. ...[[LoveAtFirstSight From that moment, I knew that I loved you.]]
* Athena's affection for her pet owl.
* I'm not sure if this should count but, I once read a comic book based on the 1980's film. The comic story took place after the film. Calibos escaped the Underworld and imprisoned and tortured Perseus. Just when all hope for Perseus seemed lost and he was about to give in to his despair. [[spoiler:[[BigDamnHeroes His sidekick Bubo, the Mechanical Owl swooped in to save his life by attacking Calibos himself]],]] [[HeroicResolve this not only saves Perseus life but inspires him not to give up and fight back against Calibos.]]