[[folder: The Shadow of the Templars & Director's Cut ]]

* Seeing the Countess de Vasconcellos happy after [[spoiler: George discovered the chalice - a proof that the Templars never abandoned the de Vasconcellos. Even Lopez's personality changes and he's glad to welcome George to visit the villa.]]
* The ending where [[spoiler: George and Nico share their first kiss after the explosion.]]
** At the epilogue in ''Director's Cut'', the scene shows [[spoiler: George and Nico at the top of Eiffel tower for their first date.]]


[[folder: The Smoking Mirror ]]

* At the end of the game, [[spoiler: George, Nico and Titipoco go outside the temple after Tezcatlipoca's defeat. George and Nico hugged each other and together with Titipoco they watched the sun.]]


[[folder: The Sleeping Dragon ]]

* There are few memorabilias displayed inside Nico's apartment including the clown's nose. Despite her romantic relationship with George never worked out, Nico still misses him.
--->'''Nico''': The clown's nose is a clue that George and I once found. It made me think of him when I touched it.
** Before the end of her telephone conversation with Andrê, she defends George by saying this:
--->'''Nico''': "You know George has a lot of things but he was never an idiot."
* This sweet exchange before George and Nico [[spoiler: use the elevator]]:
--->'''George''': "You know, I've missed you."\\
'''Nico''': "I've missed you, too."\\
'''George''': "That's settled then. Shall we go?"
* When Nico sees George [[spoiler: wearing a guard uniform:]]
--->'''Nico''': "Oh, you look nice."\\
'''George''': *smiles* "I bet you say that to [[spoiler: all the guards.]]"
* Right after George told Nico, André and Beatrice about [[spoiler: receiving knighthood from St. Stephan Chapter of the Knights Templar]], he said something to Nico:
-->'''George''': [[spoiler: "I guess if you and me are married, that'll make you a Lady."]]\\
'''Nico''': "Very funny."
* George and André's [[spoiler: relationship has improve since André falls in love with Beatrice, to the point that they praise each other in finding some clues. Too bad those guys hate each other again in the next game, though.]]
* The moment before the ending of the game when [[spoiler: George finds out that Nico survives from the fire blast. He is so happy that he carries Nico on his arms.]]


[[folder: The Angel of Death ]]

* George and Nico's reunion at the top of Topkapi palace in the fourth game.
* Brother Mark [[spoiler: decides to stay with George's side instead of running away, while George defuses a bomb. Mark tries not to panic and believes that George can do it.]]
** This dialogue after [[spoiler: George and Brother Mark successfully disarm the bomb:]]
--->[[spoiler:'''George''']]: [[spoiler: "Mark, Mark! I did it! We saved the building!"]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Brother Mark''']]: [[spoiler: "I never doubted it for a moment."]]
* This lyric from the ending theme is nice and tear jerking at the same time:
--->''Remember the end is only the beginning. And I am always near.''


[[folder: The Serpent's Curse ]]

* In ''The Serpent's Curse'' comic, after George finds Nico's name at the newspaper, he decides to send an invite to the newspaper where Nico is working at. Ronnie allows Nico to go to the gallery in the hopes of finding an exciting event.
* Before George and Nico separate their ways to investigate more about the theft of La Maledicció:
--->'''Nico''': "Well, I guess I should go. This story won't write itself. And George..."\\
'''George''': "Yeah?"\\
'''Nico''': "It's good to see you again."\\
'''George''': "Great to see you too, Nico."
* Despite having bitter relationship, Eva is concerned about her father's health and asks him to sit down. Tiago tell his daughter that she has to help George and Nico in the library.
* This piece of dialogue implied that Duane and Pearl treated George like their own son. [[ShipperOnDeck They even ask Nico to take care of George]].
--->'''Duane''': "Keep an eye on our boy George here."\\
'''Pearl''': "Poor lost little lamb."
* At the end of the fifth game, after all the tragedy that [[spoiler:Marques' family experienced under Gehnen and Langham, Eva finally decides to become a Gnostic leader and return to Catalonia.]]