* From #9 of the relaunch:
--> '''Mortis:''' "Your friends have dumped you again, haven't they? ''Haven't they?''"\\
'''Black Canary:''' "Heh *sniff* No. No, lady, they haven't. [[NiceJobFixingItVillain You pulled the wrong trigger]]. Don't you know that?"\\
'''Mortis:''' "How do you ''know?'' How can you be ''certain''?"\\
'''Black Canary:''' "Because they're my friends. [[ThePowerOfLove Because they love me]]. Now get the holy hell out of my brain. I won't warn you again."
* Defused TykeBomb Sin bonding with Big Barda over the "warrior's game" of ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''.
* Issue #8 of the first series features Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson going on a date to the circus. It's quite notable for launching the [[FanPreferredCouple fan favorite]] ship, and is probably the most expensive single-issues to buy in secondary markets.
* The battle with the ComicBook/SecretSix in the "Whitewater" arc has a few:
** Hawkgirl trying to get help for an injured Scandal Savage, despite the fact that they were pummeling each other only moments earlier.
** Big Barda calling Knockout her [[WorthyOpponent "sister"]] after their fight ends in a draw.
* The look of sheer joy on Huntress's face when Batman praises her work in helping shut down the Gotham mobs.
* When Spy Smasher arrogantly assumes she's taking charge of the organization, she walks onto a roof to find ''every'' person who has ever been a member of the team or worked with them in the past (including Nightwing, Power Girl, Green Arrow, and even Catwoman and Lady Shiva) all standing together and making it clear there's no way in hell they're letting Spy Smasher run the Birds. Black Canary not only tells her to get the hell out of town but adds that if she breathes a word of Barbara being Oracle, she'll personally rip Spy Smasher apart regardless of the consequences she'll face.
-->'''Barbara''': I've got the best friends ever.