!! 1993 series
* From "Once Upon A Time On Mars"-
-->'''Modo''': Some habits are too tough to break.
-->'''Vinnie''': Even if we wanted to, right, Harley? .. Oops. I'm sorry, sweetheart.
-->'''Charley''': I don't mind, Vinnie. Nicest comment you've ever given me.
** Carbine at first appears to chew out Rimfire for disobeying direct orders, but she then tousles his hair and informs him that his actions prove he has the makings of a true freedom fighter.
* Plus the hand-clasp scene from "A Mouse and his Motorcycle" (which was [[ExecutiveMeddling unfortunately cut]] from all commercial tapes of that episode). Aww, Throttle, you really do care!
!! 2006 series
* In the episode "Break Up", Carbine informs Throttle that he has been promoted to one-star general and insists that he should return to Mars with Modo's nephew Rimfire taking his place on Earth. In the end, she realizes that the Biker Mice should remain a team and lets Throttle stay with Vinnie and Modo.