-->'''Kohaku:''' "I'm so afraid we might not have much time together...Saber, I told you. I want to help you. Rin says that Servants are similar to their Masters. I can feel things now. Happiness and sadness. I don't feel regret for any particular action; but I do feel a sense of guilt. I wish I could be someone else, I wish I could go back and save me from being myself. This persona could be given to Hisui; and I could find my own life. And maybe the other things would be better too."\\
'''Saber:''' "....what happened to you?"\\
'''Kohaku:''' "You really want to know? I didn't think you would want to hear about that. But if I tell you, you have to promise to tell me about you too, okay?"\\
'''Saber:''' ''(smiling)'' "You're sneaky, Kohaku."
* After completing Stage 27, Sakura is [[spoiler: abducted by Assassin]], Rider is temporarily removed from the battlefield and Akiha is incapacitated. Only [[{{Meido}} Hisui]] is left standing to face Archer, who has been given free rein by Nanaya to slaughter those remaining. What does she do? She [[GoThroughMe interposes herself]] between her stricken master and he of [[FieldOfBlades Unlimited]] [[DeathInAllDirections Blade Works]].
---> '''Hisui:''' "Akiha-sama has always taken care of me...and Nee-san. And that is why...That is why I will protect Akiha-sama!"
** Bravest little {{Meido}} EVER.
** Doubly so since she stared him down until Shirou got back up and Archer reveals that all he wants to do is kill Shirou anyway and lets Akiha and Hisui go.
* Bazett and Avenger's [[spoiler: final conversation]].