* Quaritch, starting his speech on staying safe on Pandora, makes a promise that he will try his damnedest to get everybody home safe. It slips into tearjerker when he confesses that he will not always succeed.
* Jake's boyish bliss as he finds out that he can walk and run in his Avatar body.
* The entire Na'vi tribe joining hands during Jake's initiation ceremony.
* Jake and Neytiri at the Tree of Souls, just before the battle
* ...then afterwards, with Neytiri holding Jake's human body
* Neytiri treats Jake's "fainting", and indeed the entire nature of his human/Avatar duality, more as a medical condition than anything else. The other Na'vi question whether he even counts as a person, and she's just like "dude falls down sometimes. Deal with it."
* Some of the smaller moments of Jake being accepted into the clan are very sweet. The other ''Iknimaya'' initiates cheer unreservedly for him after he bonds with his ikran, while in the extended cut, one young girl reaches out to him with a friendly smile on his first night in Hometree.
* When faced with a stampede charging their position, an AMP soldier tells his squad to fall back. He [[VillainousValor holds his ground and goes down shooting]] in an effort to buy them the time to move.