* While you can't get very heartwarming with five second segments on a random, colorless sketch comedy, the moon's comment in ''asdf movie 5'' is pretty much the closest thing we have.
-->'''Woman:''' "It's so beautiful out here."\\
'''Man:''' "Yeah, it's just me, you and the Moon."\\
'''Moon:''' [[ShipperOnDeck "HEY! YOU]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking TWO SHOULD KISS!!"]]
* The ending of the sixth movie, with a "thank you" for everyone who supported Ridgewell during the rough year.
* The fifth movie's post-credits scene, which is a reference to an WebAnimation/{{Eddsworld}} comic. Especially heartwarming considering Edd Gould, Tom's best friend, passed away due to leukemia.
* In the Deleted Scenes: Hey! You know who's gay? [[spoiler:Us.]]
** Followed by [[spoiler:a wedding!]]