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* So why ''are'' butterflies immune to the Black Iron syndrome, while birds and other animals are petrified?
** They bring it up in episode 3, but Hakaze was asleep and they didn't get an answer.



* A good seven or so chapters...more than two episodes...spend ''debating for the sake of convincing this damn kid of their point!'' WHY? HOW DOES HE EVEN KEEP HIS COOL AND NOT SNAP?
** ComicBookTime. What was seven chapters to us, may have been just few minutes to them.

[[folder:Mahiro's parents]]

* How did they die? Wasn't Mahiro under the impression that they were killed by the same person as Aika? That doesn't make much sense, given TheReveal of Aika's killer.
** According to the manga, Aika killed herself & Mahiro's parents so she could set the events in motion and allow Mahiro to act without restrictions.