! ''NYX''

* Where exactly does ''NYX'' fit into Laura's background? The official timeline seems to indicate that it follows ''Target X'', but that series indicates that Laura returns to the Xavier school immediately after she's released by [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Rogers]]. ''NYX'' clearly hasn't been {{Ret Gone}}d out, since its events and characters are referenced in later series such as ''X-Force'' and X-23's self-titled solo series.
** The best fit would ''seem'' to be that the framing story of Rogers and [[ComicBook/{{Daredevil}} Murdock]] interrogating Laura takes place after ''NYX'', while the flashbacks to Laura's time with her mother's family takes place in between. After leaving Megan and Debbie, Laura would then make her way to New York where she fell under Zebra Daddy's control (at a time where she's arguably at her most emotionally vulnerable and less likely to fight back). The events of ''NYX'' would then push her into tracking down [[ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} Logan]] to confront him, leading to her capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. However even this seems to be a bit difficult to reconcile with the narrative of ''Target X''.
* How ''did'' she fall under Zebra Daddy's control, anyway? He didn't seem to know about her claws (I guess he assumed she used knives for cutting her clients?) so however he got to her, Laura certainly didn't put up much of a fight. Did leaving Megan and Debbie, severing ties with the last of her family, send her into that deep of a depression?

! Foot Claws

* How exactly do Laura's foot claws work? She's shown being able to extend them while her feet are flat on the ground, which would suggest they're actually stored within the foot itself. However not only are they often depicted as being too long for that, but storing the claws in her foot would seem to interfere with the ability of her foot to flex normally when walking.
** Conceivably they' be the length of a metatarsal (the the longer bones that form the arch of the foot) and stored between them, allowing them to deploy between the toe knuckles. The length is probably a case of ArtisticLicenseBiology