!!The setting of [[Series/TheFlash1990 the Flash's TV series]]
When comparing the DarkerAndEdgier setting of Central City with the LighterAndSofter Gotham City from ''Series/{{Batman}}'', it just seems very jarring to me... as though Batman, given who he is, would fit better in Central City as portrayed here, while Flash would be a much better fit for Gotham City in that series. Or that the ''Flash'' [[ExecutiveMeddling TV executives wanted to play him as Batman]] (consider how Flash is treated as an UrbanLegend the way Batman would be). And then looking at Flash's spotlight episode "Flash and Substance" in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'', it gets even more jarring. Does anyone else find anything ''wrong'' with how Flash and his city were portrayed in the live-action series?
* Also, consider how similar [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ghrNMiBU2A the Flash theme]] is to the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4ydxgekFls 1989 Batman theme]].
** Hearing the Batman theme prompts FridgeBrilliance: The '' WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' theme song was ''based'' on this movie's theme! Just makes it even more blatant that they were playing the Flash in his 1990 live-action series as though they were playing Batman.

!!Is Franchise/TheFlash getting blacklisted for live-action filming in favor of other superheroes?
Consider this: Several times it was rumored that Ryan Reynolds would be in the starring role of a live-action movie for the Flash--but that has since been quashed, considering he's in the starring role in the soon-to-be-released Film/GreenLantern movie. They keep flip-flopping over whether a Flash movie will be made... and meanwhile, Franchise/{{Batman}} has had his movie series re-launched with the Dark Knight trilogy (the third movie is currently in production to be released in 2012), Franchise/{{Superman}} has had one re-launch movie and another re-launch on the way, Franchise/TheGreenHornet has had [[Film/TheGreenHornet a movie]], several Creator/MarvelComics characters have had movies in the last decade, ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}, ComicBook/VForVendetta, not to mention the various animated Creator/DCComics feature films...[[DudeWheresMyRespect WHY IS FLASH GETTING THE CRAPPY END OF THE STICK]]?
* In addition, observe [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O_benaKlsA this clip]] (which according to the summary was broadcast before a special advance trailer-screening of the ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' movie).
* I think part of the problem is how do you play the Flash? First, which Flash would you choose: Jay, Barry, Wally, or Bart? Second, what would the plot be? Keep in mind the trend is a initial stand alone-able movie as a test run with two follow ups. There are other factors. Until Prof. Zoom began retconning Barry's past, all the Flashes except Bart led well-adjusted and "normal" lives for the most part. I can almost imagine any Flash and the Rogues living in the suburbs when not doing their theatrics. Though it could have potential to be an anti-Batman/Superman movie. One movie against the rogue(s). Another of the movies poking fun at movie reboots/retcons by going through with the Rebirth/Zoom retconning of Barry's past.
** Movie 1: Something involving Prof. Zoom and Barry. Flash is already a hero. Jay and Wally are around. The exposition dump to inform non-fans of the essential backstory bits would be Thorne in the future. The first half of the movie deals Barry with accidentally ending up in the future, where he defeats Thorne, who is the evil/corrupted Flash of the 25th Century. Part two, Thorne becomes Professor Zoom and heads into the past. Movie ends with Barry killing Prof. Zoom.
** Movie 2: The Trial of Barry Allen; it ends with Barry's death to avoid/replace ''Infinite Crisis''. The Rogues face off against Barry. Barry tries juggling the trial with keeping the city safe. Either intentionally or unintentionally, an explosion goes off. Said explosion may not need to be a literal explosion, but a MacGuffin to replicate the CMOA with a nuke event. Barry runs in and out trying to save everyone, but going that fast ends up getting him trapped in the Speed Force.
** Movie 3 A: Return of Barry Allen Plot. Barry returns, but it is really Thorne suffering from Amnesia/Denial. Plays out in comics.
** Movie 3 B: Rebirth, Prof. Zoom pulls Barry out of the Speed Force. His past is retconned by Prof. Zoom already. yada, yada.
** The 3A route would be a ''Pirates of the Caribbean''-style plot route. Barry to Wally as Jack Sparrow to Will. Wally is the centerpiece of the movies with him starting as a sidekick and moving up to overcoming his fear of replacing Barry. The 3B route is all about Barry Allen.
*** I and someone else had a debate about this and, when it comes down to it... A Flash Movie would be pretty damn boring after the initial speed trolling lulz died down. In the comics, the only reason there is still crime LEFT in the world was because Wally just didn't use his god like power to go stop all of it. Really, Superspeed is just to broken.
** These answers looked outdated but since the recent line-up of the DCCinematicUniverse showed that there will be a Flash movie after the Justice League movie, it might look good. Plus, the [[Flash2014 TV series]] (unrelated to DCCU but Creator/GeoffJohns teased about a potential multiverse) got a lot of good reception.

!! Are Barry and Ollie friends?
* The New Guardians arc on Green Lantern revealed that while he is friends with Ollie publicly, Barry hates his guts and generally speaking, sees Ollie as a usurper who took over his role as Hal's best friend/filled Hal's head with a lot of "liberal" ideas about how society should work.
** Not really - They'll put up with each other for Hal, but they don't get along. Notably, in ''Flash: Rebirth'', Hal comments that he's glad that Barry didn't see him as Parallax whereas Ollie did, and Barry's response is effectively "Can't believe you're still friends with him."
** And yet Flash is gonna be a recurring character in Green Arrow's show {{LiveActionTV/Arrow}}. This is gonna be good.

!!New 52 Kid Flash[=/=]Impulse
* So... He doesn't want people to call him something like "Flash Jr." but calls ''himself'' Kid Flash? Am I the only one who thinks this is incredibly stupid, considering this is Bart and he ''had'' his own identity as Impulse before the reboot?
** Maybe his problem with it is that they keep getting his name wrong.
*** No, he actually says in the second ''Teen Titans'' issue after ''ComicBook/{{Flashpoint}}'' that he's not "sidekicking" for the Flash because he didn't want to be called "Not Flash" or "Mini Flash," but he's already chosen the name Kid Flash by that point. Why didn't he just use the Impulse name, especially as he's not actually tied to the Flash in the New 52?

!!How does Jay Garrick's helmet stay on when he's running?
* I can't believe I'm the first guy here to ask this.
** I imagine it's for similar reasons to why their clothes don't burn up when they run, their "aura" extends to things the are in contact with (Which is why they generally don't leave huge craters where they step when they run, as well).

!!Who's the faster Flash: Barry or Wally?
* Not sure if this is standard, but in at least one version Barry is explicitly faster.
** Wally was stated to be faster than Barry in the pre-''Flashpoint'' timeline, and this was acknowledged by Geoff Johns after he was called on it when Barry returned & another character commented how the crime rate increased in Barry's absence.

!!Since when is changing time impossible?
* Why does the Flash think altering history is impossible? Multiple [[BadFuture bad futures]] have been negated, a number of Crises have [[CosmicRetcon changed things big time]](especially [[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths one Barry played a big part in]]) and the general ContinuitySnarl that is the DC Universe. Heck, Linda Park was [[RetGone never born]] for some time!
** Probably just doesn't wanna screw with the timeline any more than it already has been. Flashpoint was a mistake, a result of his attempt to save his mom. Can't blame him for that.
!!Did Wally forget about his kids?
* During DC Rebirth and Titans Rebirth, Wally laments that Linda no longer remembers him and how he has to start his relationship over. However, did he completely forget that Iris and Jai no longer exist? He makes no mention of them. He doesn't even mourn for them. You would think their lack of existence gives him an even bigger reason to make Linda remember him or give him even more drive to restart their relationship but no.