!!Beatrice's dreams
* How did Bea get the dreams in the first place? It seems strange that all of this stuff is just happened all of a sudden.
** Who knows? maybe they are actually dreams, and she's just an undiagnosed schizophrenic or something. *shrugs*
** Is Bea actually trying to find out why she's having these dreams? It seems that she's just accepted that it's now a part of her life.

!!Slang use
* When Bea uses modern term like 'hot' to describe, say, Alan, the rest of the 18th - century characters seems to understand her, or at least not ask her what she means.
** Well, she did mention on a number of occassions that she's really from the 21st century. They probably just assume that's her 21st century self talking.
** Okay, so if she's made it clear to Alan and Nathan that she's from the 21st century (and she sometimes act like it's still the 21st century), why don't they ask her questions like "Who won the Revolution?" I know I'd have a bunch of questions if I met a person from the 24th century.
** She's a Series/{{Doctor Who}} Timelord and revealing who won the Revolution would cause a paradox in time, unleashing the Reapers on everyone.
** Well, if Bea is assuming that what she's dreaming is actually happening in real time (like her brain is literally transporting her 200+ years in the past), maybe she worries that saying, "The Americans win the Revolution and is a united country well into the 21st century", events may change. Certain things may not happen the way they're supposed to (and she probably doesn't want to risk letting the ''British'' win the thing!) It's just her being as GenreSavvy as possible.
* When did Bea ever refer to one of the 18th century characters as hot?
** [[http://thedreamercomic.com/comic.php?id=105 here's a link.]] Read it and weep.
** But notice how Nathan seems a little confused by her comment, like he doesn't know what she means?
*** I think the point is that even though they ''know'' it's her 21st-century self talking, they still don't know what it means, and are likely just rolling with it.
** Yep. They likely have more important things to worry about than words that come out of Bea's mouth.

!!Alan Warren
* Is Alan Warren a fictional character? The comic says he died in Breeds Hill and Bea's trying to stop it. When was Breeds Hill? Did she already save him from that battle?
** Actually, the comic says ''Joseph'' Warren, Alan's cousin, died at Breed's Hill aka Bunker Hill.
*** So what's the point of the comic? Is she still trying to save him from ''something''? As far as I can tell, she's getting the hots for a man that's been dead for 200+ years.
*** We ''aren't'' sure yet, which is why we read the comic. Duh.

!!Beatrice being a jerk
* A WhatTheHellHero moment here. Bea was arguing with a friend of hers about why she (Bea) was being a jerk. Bea replies, "You have no idea what I'm going through." I thought "What the hell, girl?" As far as I can see, Bea's just having dreams of a life in the midst of the Revolution.
** "You have no idea what it's like to be in my situation! I'm a white, middle-class girl who is lucky enough to not have dysfunctional parents who are ''still married'', may I add, and how lucky I am to be able to go to a decent high school, and will likely go to college soon! Meanwhile, I have romantic dreams every night where I'm this rich girl who dates a hot Colonial guy. I do not have a mental disorder where I cry my eyes out for a man that's been dead for 200+ years despite already having a boyfriend, and a very cool boyfriend at that who actually treats me like a person, and not am object! '''YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH! I AM THE MARTYR!!''' So there!"
** Well, she IS canonically supposed to be a drama queen.

!!Alan's Promotion
Okay, this one has been bugging me for a while.

[[http://thedreamercomic.com/comic.php?id=60 We're talking Issue 3 here folks.]] Early Issue 3.

I get that Knowlton had been after Alan for a while to become an officer but even if that's the case how is it at all plausible that he got promoted from Private to Major? My suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Knowlton promoted him above every other officer we've seen thus far. Which leads me to my next "it just bugs me." Where are the other majors? Shouldn't they be part of [[http://thedreamercomic.com/comic.php?id=295 this rather important meeting?]] I mean... There must be at least one, right? Or is Alan it? If that's the case how is such an irresponsible officer (Alan's awesome but its true; he has hardly spent any time with his actual unit since being promoted) the highest ranking? And Knowlton just left that rank open just in case Alan decided to take it?

Anything below colonel would be pretty much up to either the state the troops are from. Knowlton probably figured he could push anything he wanted through. Major would be second-in command of the regiment, but it doesn't directly command any part of the unit (so he didn't displace a Captain from his company). Plus, he'd been getting promotions since Boston, Knowlton just didn't tell him. And that's nothing, Joseph Warren went from civilian to Major General in one step (and fought and died at Breed's hill as a Private, because he knew he didn't have any experience and others did).

As you can see my "GAH! BUT WHAT? HOW?" has been building for quite some time.