!!'''Who really killed [[spoiler:Shin]]?'''
* In-series the characters say Mitsuomi did during their battle for leadership of the Enforcers and he agrees, but the viewers (and to an extent the main cast once again) clearly saw him take his own life by using one of Mana's acupuncture needles. The whole rivalry between the Enforcers group and the Jyuken club is about this yet no one can seem to decide if [[spoiler:Shin]]committed suicide or was killed by Mitsuomi.
** That could easily be explained by him actually killing himself, but everyone blaming Mitsuomi for it(including himself), thinking that it was his actions that led directly to it(though really it was more [[spoiler: Maya's]] fault).

!!'''In Chapter 128 of the manga, what exactly is [[spoiler: the demon baby]] supposed to represent? Aside from being sheer NightmareFuel?'''
* The [[spoiler: newborn Susanoo]], created by [[spoiler: the merger of Nagi and Sohaku]]. Anyone who followed VisualNovel/FateStayNight might find it similar to the analogies being tossed about regarding the [[spoiler: life that was waiting to be born out of the HolyGrail.]]
!!'''It is implied that in-series that [[spoiler: Shin]] had a severe BigBrotherInstinct towards Maya, but how much of it was just over-protectiveness as opposed to outright 'romantic' affection?'''
* The funny thing is that both the anime and the manga imply that Maya herself was somewhat [[BigBrotherAttraction overclose]] to her brother particularly during their youth, making this an odd LoveTriangle between herself, her brother and Mitsuomi.

!!'''AuthorAppeal aside, does anyone else get the impression that Oh!Great is obsessed with the character Maya?'''
* She gets the most focus of all the female characters and events in the plot all seem to involve her in some way.
** Arguably the manga reverses the anime set up of having Maya as MsFanService and replaces her with [[TheCutie Aya]] (at least until later chapters).'''

!!'''Okay, let's get this straight, the possessor of the Amaterasu Dragon Gate is [[spoiler:Maya]] and it's main ability is power nullifying, Susano'o is [[spoiler:Souichiro]] with absurd levels of power absorbing; but who is the possessor of the Tsukuyomi Dragon Gate? [[spoiler:One of the Takayanagi brothers were hinted to be the one, Masataka was more likely than his borther]]. Now that the story has been concluded, who knows who Tsukuyomi is or what abilities it grants.'''
* It's safe to say that Ogure Ito spent more time giving hints, writing massive flashbacks with some so back in the time-line that bordered on side-story, and foreshadowing (with some never happening) things or events than actually explaining facts by facts, with that said, [[spoiler:Masataka Takayanagi]] is arguably the one who suffered the most with many implications and little factual occurrences; the boy was implyied to be Strongest in the School by Souichiro, the True Warrior at some point by Souhaku, Tsukuyomi by course-of-the-plot implication, but in the end he was just a [[BadassNormal Badass Normal]].
* As I understand it, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo aren't Dragon Gates, per se. Susanoo is what happens when you mix a bunch of dragon gate powers and a crapload of ki together in order to recreate the being who was the originator for the Red Feather powers, while Tsukuyomi is Humanity in general (and specifically whichever person is most important to whoever it is that they're Tsukiyomi to, hence why Bob was sulking that Nagi was his Moon but he wasn't Nagi's). It kinda makes thematic sense, in as much as anything else in this series does, if you go from Susanoo (mystical powers) to Amaterasu (power neutralizer) to Tsukiyomi (mundane/BadassNormal).

!!''' Anyone know what happened to the [[spoiler: people that Nagi ressurected?]] Did they go on to have normal lives, or what?'''

!!'''Why did Oh!Great decide to [[spoiler: kill off Maya Natsume]]? With the AssPull created by [[spoiler: having Mitsuomi survive his condition]] couldn't he have had them reunite?'''
* Souichiro, as the True Warrior, was more or less a battle-hungry maniac. He had to be stopped one way or another, and Maya having the Amaterasu Dragon Gate to nullify him was a much more viable option than actually killing him--as it was, [[spoiler:Masataka]] barely got through that fight and he was just buying time.