[[WMG: What happened to all of the Ferals at the end of the game?]]

* At the end the only ferals seen are Naja, Rhi'a, and Taupy. Even Naja is leading a squad of humans. Are they all off-screen for the moment, or much more likely. . .
** All of the ferals except for the aforementioned three were not reborn.
** They were all turned into humans.
** They were all turned into regular animals ( Rhi'a is seen chasing a cat that looks kind of like Felis Rex at the end).
* If the ferals really are mostly gone, whether they have vanished or just transformed, then that just seems to have UnfortunateImplications written all over it. You'd think Kyrie and Morte had to listening to [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Mithos]] on how to stop racism. . .

[[WMG: Why did Morte want to destroy the world so badly?]]
It's clearly established that she has no major trauma in her past, so what's her rationale?
* In the anime, she had [[FreudianExcuse reason]] for wanting to destroy the world. Namely, the tragic deaths of her family and the crappy treatment of humans. In the game, however, she was just nuts. She got it into her head to destroy the world, and tried to use the fantastic racism as her excuse. If the game hadn't been altered to be more kid-friendly, this might have been better explained, but, such is life.
** I kind of liked how she was crazy. Yeah it made her a FlatCharacter, but it's not like they weren't aware she only thought "Destroy the world" - durign that Noctua Rex sequence, she has absolutely no regrets and wonders why she doesn't find anything that reminds her of her past.
*** How is being one of the core members of the party and only being a FlatCharacter supposed to be a GOOD thing?