[[WMG:Ramen to the middle of nowhere]]
* A minor example, from the anime. In the Camping Trip episode, after Chie and Yukiko [[LethalChef nearly poison Yu and Yosuke]], they simply order some ramen. [[CanonForeigner Aika]], sure enough, comes to deliver it. This raises a major question, though. Considering she's on the same trip as they are, exactly ''how'' was she able to make said delivery?
** As noted by Narukami to Nanako, she's just that good at her job.

[[WMG:What attack does Leanan Sidhe use on Shadow Mitsuo?]]
* In the anime, what was the attack that Leanan Sídhe used on Shadow Mitsuo? It looked sort of like Foolish Whisper, but for one, Leanan Sídhe doesn't actually have that skill in the game, and for two, that attack causes Silence, and the attack that was used in the episode pretty obviously caused Fear. So what did she do exactly?
** The only status-changing attack she learns through leveling up in the game is Tentarafoo, which confuses targets. Shadow Mitsuo does look pretty panicked after that, so this may be The Animation's way of interpreting that attack as well as Confusion status.
** I thought she just casted a Bufu or something inside its head. Ice crystals forming in your skull cavity can't feel very pleasant.

[[WMG: In the flashback(episode 23), at midnight, Namatame's clock face slides in such a way that the inner-workings are showed. Is the somehow relevant to the plot or just random cool factor?]]
* A little of both, I'd wager. If I remember correctly there's multiple shots of clocks in Namatame's scenes, which foreshadow the gears that are part of Kunino-Sagiri's design and that he uses to control the Investigation Team.